Oceans Legacy Sling Shot Surface Iron Jigs


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A pretty unique lure from an Australian manufacturer, these Sling Shots have a great surface action and will work perfectly for our market. Ironically we send a ton of Salas and Tady surface irons to the Australian market so it makes sense that they come out with a similar product tailored to the surface bite. These jigs have a faster and more consistent kick than most surface irons out there, and they eliminate any of the spin or twist that some irons have giving you a more life like presentations. They cast amazing due to the smaller size and can even sink out if you’ve got some time due to the smaller volume but even with a slow retrieve they’ll kick right up to the surface.

The colors of these jigs are the real treat, they’re flashy and reflective in a way that most of the holographic irons can’t match. They’ll match all of our favorite colors and bait to kill just about any pelagic species of fish. All of these jigs also come with stronger 4X trebles so you won’t have to worry about your hooks for a while, and when you do decide to switch them out they’ve got a split ring to make swapping out a lot easier.

From the Manufacturer: Ocean’s Legacy SlingShot surface irons are designed with a stainless steel wire-thru design moulded in zinc alloy. Zinc alloy allows or longer shimmering flutter action on the fall compared to other materials. All SlingShot surface irons have been chrome anodised with UV resin paints along with Japanese foils to provide extra shine. The SlingShot surface irons carry 3 glow ridges on the belly to entice fish and increase hit rates.

Ocean Legacy SlingShot surface irons can be used for landbased or boat casting for spanish/king mackeral, tune, yellowtail kings, bluefish/tailor,  herring, trevally and many other species.

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