Oceans Legacy Long Contact Slow Pitch Jigs


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The Long Contact jigs provide you with a quicker drop so you can fish in heavier current or deep water situations. Here in SoCal the sleek design is especially nice since we are usually in the 200-300ft range with a good amount of current. The thinner profile doesn’t take away from the action when you actual jig them due to the extra ridges on the back of the jigs which lets them dart and pitch sideways when falling. These will be especially nice for the guys trying to go down to the new 600ft max depth rockfish spots.

All of the jigs feature a unique blue glow as opposed to the traditional green, along with that they also feature a UV coating which reflects UV light like crazy giving them a lot more shine deep down. These jigs come unrigged so I would be pairing them with a pair of longer assist hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom for most of your typical species. If you’re trying to use them for the bigger bluefin then I would rig a pair of larger assist hooks at the top to a solid ring and attach your main line to the main solid ring so you can avoid having a split ring as part of your fight.

From the Manufacturer: Oceans Legacy Long Contact jigs are original design and field tested in Australian waters. These center weighted jigs have specially designed eyes and rear ridge glow grooves to provide superior action to entice dermesals and pelagic species. These jigs are sleek styled to provide fast descent yet enticing to the fish. All our jigs ultra UV coated and glow with high quality finish. This jig is a designed for faster action pitches but still extremely suitable for slow pitch in fast moving current situations.

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