Momoi Xtra-Hard Mono Wind-On Leaders


Diamond’s high strength co-polymer line combined with a low stretch dyneema loop creates the strongest, most dependable wind-on leader in the world. Diamond’s Wind-On leaders are attached with a loop to loop connection to your fishing line. The wind-on system improves bait presentation, eliminates the need for conventional long leaders and provides safer handling and releasing of fish at the boat.

  • Made with clear Momoi hard co-polymer line 80lb – 400lb tests
  • Extra abrasion resistance that you don’t get with monofilament


Connecting wind-on leader to your main line using a Cat’s-Paw knot. 

The Cat’s-Paw knot is simply a loop-to-loop connection between the doubled mainline and the braided loop on your top shot, your wind-on leader or both This knot provides a 100 per cent strong connection and has no tag ends so it travels smoothly through your rod’s guides and tip. First, make a small loop using either a short Bimini Twist or if you’re using hollow core Dacron or Spectra, splice a loop at the end of your mainline. Pass the mainline loop through the tag end of the top shot or wind-on loop. Then pass the front end of the leader or top shot back through mainline loop. Align both loops and pass the leader or wind-on through the center two or three more times. Slowly tighten pulling from both directions making sure to adjust the mainline loop and wind-on loop to keep everything straight during the tensioning process.

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Lb TestDiameterColorLength
800.84mmClear White25ft
1000.91mmClear White25ft
1301.17mmClear White25ft
1501.28mmClear White25ft
2001.48mmClear White25ft
2501.66mmClear White25ft
3001.81mmClear White25ft
4002.03mmClear White25ft