Momoi G3 Hollow Braid


  • Fine diameters attuned to maximum reel capacities
  • Stays round under tension and while splicing
  • High quality Dynema fibers
  • Color Locked for permanent retention
  • Easiest splicing braided fishing line
  • Available in White & Blue
  • 600 and 1500 yard spool sizes
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Momoi has been best known for their mono products over the years.  They too realized that more and more folks are running braid (Spectra, Dynema, PE) lines as well as a leader, increasingly making use of braid for it’s beneficial properties.  In the past Momoi’s braid was, in truth, nothing spectacular.  It’s price was comparatively high and diameters were all over the place, not necessarily matching up with the provided specs.  They re-evaluated their product, considered sources domestically, and came to the conclusion that they needed to make a significant change.  Their Generation 3 product is now sourced overseas, Japan, and it’s a Dynema product.  Frankly, Dynema, Spectra, PE, all essentially the same thing, made from the same raw materials.  By shifting to overseas production Momoi’s hollowcore braid improved considerably.  It’s now rather skinny and the price has become far more aggressive.  Good marketing move in my estimation given some of the more familiar suppliers, one in particular, will be fading away. 

At the present time we’ll focus on Momoi’s hollowcore braid, they followed ToroTamer’s lead in terms of family pricing, 16 strand, and some other line characteristics. We’ll confirm with some independent testing, but it looks to me like Momoi is finally on target with their hollow.  We’ll hold off on their solid at the present time, that product has some work ahead of it in terms of pricing – likely they will make a shift once their current supply runs down. At that point, we’ll re-evaluate the solid product verses competing lines.  Momoi’s Hollow Core is on target.

Line Test
Line Diameter
(mm / in)
Mono Equivalent
(Lb Test)
Available Spool Sizes
(in yards)
60 0.36mm / 0.0141in 12# test 600 1500 Blue, White
80 0.41mm / 0.0161in 16# test 600 1500 Blue, White
100 0.47mm / 0.0185in 20# test 600 1500 Blue, White
130 0.52mm / 0.0205in 30# test 600 1500 Blue, White
150 0.65mm / 0.0256in 40# test 600 1500 Blue, White
200 0.80mm / 0.0315in 50# test 600 1500 Blue, White
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