Mirrolure 113MR Metal Bill Diver


Hand-tuned and tank-tested to assure a realistic swimming action. When choosing trolling speed, watch your rod tip for vibration. All feature MirrOlure ® sonic “fish calling” rattles and premium big game hooks. Can also be used as casting lures with excellent results. Great for Tuna, Striper, Grouper, Dorado, King Mackerel, Blues, Wahoo, Pike and Muskie. Big Game 113MR swims true even at high trolling speeds. The stainless steel lip is an added attractor in murky or clear water – better visibility. Swims with a wide side-to-side wiggle.

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MirrOlure has been around for a long time. Their longevity is testament to their success. But, they haven’t rested on that success, they’ve also done quite a bit of refining over the years. For folks traveling to Baja, their lipped diving lures have proven VERY effective and are one of the top choices for dragging behind a panga. For folks visiting Costa Rica in search of tarpon, their topwater lures are considered MUST HAVES. For private boaters, MirrOlure has many great lures to make your time on the water more productive.

MirrOrlures are partially assembled in Costa Rica, Designed, Molded, Packaged and Tank Tested in the USA.

Our selection of MirrOlures includes the old favorite deepwater trolling 113MR and their newer deeper diving 111MR. The 111 needs no tuning and always runs true. Both of these deep diving trolling lures offer exceptional stability for use at realistic speeds, and they carry some weight as well. They’re all winners. But some are more appropriate for certain destinations than others. So, if you need some assistance in making a selection please feel free to zap us an email or give us a call. 

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