Major Craft Giant Killing Offshore Spinning Rods


  • Longer length for easy distance casting
  • Fuji KW SIC guides
  • 2-Piece Butt Joint
  • Perfect for Stickbaits & Pencils
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We brought the Giant Killing offshore rods in to fill a gap we’ve seen in our market of fairly priced and well designed stickbait rods. The 3 models we currently carry: the Buri, Hiramasa and Tuna cover almost every bit of stickbait and pencil popper fishing you could do. Buri is small wild yellowtail in Japan, this model covers 1-3 oz lures which is perfect for most of our yellowtail fishing and should cover many other types of offshore species when using the 30lb line class. Hiramasa are the big boys, so when you’re targeting the biggest homeguard yellowtail or big amberjack in the gulf this is a great model for you and it comes with an optimal casting range for most lures. The Tuna model is self explanatory, it is great for yellowfin and bluefin in the 50-120lb range and should be very useful for the bluefin foamers we have in California as well as the popular oil rig fishing in the gulf.

Since these are stickbait models they have a lighter and softer tip which makes casting easier and gives you the appropriate action for working these lures when you sweep. The methodical and slow sweep is the best way to get bit on any kind of stickbait or pencil lure, it isn’t a race so you don’t have to rush to wind your lure in since that is usually not what the fish are looking for. The components and spacing on these rods are ideal for casting, using the Fuji KW appropriate spacing as well as the upgraded Silicon Carbide inserts which still have unmatched hardness. Despite being rods with a lot of pulling power they still maintain a light weight which makes it much easier to cast all day long without fatigue.

GXC-80BURI 8’0” 2 BURI* 0.88-2.82oz PE2-5 ~ 20-50lb MOD. FAST 8.14oz FUJI K SIC TOP + 6PCS FUJI DPS EVA 16.74”
GXC-86HIRAMASA 8’6” 2 HIRAMASA* 2.12-3.53oz PE3-6 ~ 30-60lb MOD. FAST 9.87oz FUJI K SIC TOP + 6PCS FUJI DPS EVA 16.74”
GXC-86TUNA 8’6” 2 TUNA MAX 4.23oz PE8 ~ 50-80lb MOD. FAST 12.2oz FUJI K SIC TOP + 6PCS FUJI DPS EVA 18.9”


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