Little Jack Metal Adict Zero Casting Lures


  • Available in 3 Colors & 40/60g Sizes
  • Life Like Bait Colors
  • Great Retrieve Action
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Little Jack is a Japanese company specializing in producing realistic life like lures that mimic certain kinds of bait, the newest addition is one that is very welcome here on the West Coast. With how often we see fish feeding on small bait, a realistic yet small sardine or anchovy lure is the perfect alternative. Not only are they easy to cast than bait due to the higher density and heavier weight (40g & 60g ~ 1.4oz & 2.1oz) but they look just like the real thing and even swim like it too. The little tail fin that they add at the back end helps these lures have a very nice kicking and swimming motion, the hooks are quite small but should be fine for the lighter live bait classes 20-30lb. If you’re targeting the bigger bluefin, these lures are still through wired so if you replace the hooks with something heavier like an Owner Ringed Gorilla or Mustad 4X R10827 then these will be a great addition to your arsenal.

This season we’ve seen a lot of picky bluefin feeding on the same pin bait that the dorado were eating, smaller tungsten jigs were working very well but I think these will do even better due to the realistic finish. These will also work great for surf casting applications as well as jigging, they have a nice action on the fall so doing some bay jigging would be a lot of fun with these.


60g, 40g

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