Daiwa Harrier X Spinning Jigging Rods


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The new Harrier X rods are a great upgrade over the last generation of Harrier rods. They boast a better blank design which is thinner and stronger because of the nano resin and X-45 bias carbon material they have incorporated into the blank. This provides for less twist in your hands, and less space in between each fiber making the blank stronger, lighter and thinner. These are traditional jigging rods which are great for a variety of species, they all feature a parabolic bend which gives you a lot more leverage letting you fish higher drag ratings than you would normally be able to get away with on rods which are this thin and light. The load on the rod is evenly distributed and closer to where you’re holding it giving you the pulling power you need to bring the fish in and the soft action to get the bite using a vertical jig.

These rods pair well with reels that have a higher gear ratio since you’ll be actively jigging, the higher gear ratio helps you get reaction bites as opposed to slow presentation techniques like live bait and slow pitch jigging. The fast retrieve and action will give your jig a much better swimming pattern which will lure more active fish into a reaction bite. The Harrier X is a hard rod to beat for the price, they’re versatile and durable allowing you to fish for almost any species given the right jig sizes and patterns. For the spinning versions they have gone with a larger set of guides giving you enough size to accommodate larger reels which makes these rods even more versatile.

HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX58HS H R 5’8′ 1 65-120 100-250g 6 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX58XHS XH R 5’8′ 1 65-150 120-300g 6 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX66MS M R 6’6′ 1 30-65 50-160g 7 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX66MHS MH R 6’6′ 1 50-100 80-200g 7 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX66HS H R 6’6′ 1 65-120 100-250g 7 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX70MS M R 7′ 1 30-65 50-160g 8 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX70MHS MH R 7′ 1 50-100 80-200g 8 Spinning
HARRIER® X JIGGING RODS HRX70HS H R 7′ 1 65-120 100-250g 8 Spinning


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