Yo-Zuri LC Minnow Lures


This new minnow style bait has been designed to cast long distances and perform well even under the harshest of conditions. The all new Weight Transfer System was rigorously designed to help the Hydro Minnow LC cast like a bullet even into a stiff headwind, allowing the angler to remain far enough away from predatory fish to remain stealthy.

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Interesting lure at a very attractive price. Yo-Zuri’s Hydro LC (long cast) Minnow is a floater, subsurface swimmer, made to scoot along at 2-3 feet below the surface.  It offers a weight transfer system for extended casts. This is an excellent lure when the wind comes up, that’s when they really shine and offer some performance benefits compared to some other well thought of lures. The LC Minnow is made from Japanese parts, assembled in the Philippines.  Similar to one of Toro’s now discontinued lure, the Subsurface Swimmer, or Maguro’s similar product both of which were based in large part upon the Shibuki from Tacklehouse of Japan. All use a similar weight transfer system to gain distance on the cast.

Inshore, offshore and anyplace in between these are nice lures!  We are stocking the 6″ floating model at present, they make one that’s a tad longer at 6 3/4″.  Very good hooks, have confidence in these, 3X strong. While not made for 200 lb tuna, these lures will handle most fish you’ll encounter quite well. Quite appropriate for fishing up to 40-50 lb lines with appropriate drag settings in my estimation. They’ll do for schoolie tuna quie well, and the guys fishing stripers have a lot of positives to share about the LC’s.  Similar in some respects to Daiwa’s SP Minnows, general feedback suggests these will run a bit shallower but cast a bit better.  That’s some strong company, fair comparisons, and these gems run under 10 bucks That ain’t too bad at all.  Good lure, worth having a few… And, at $10, you really are getting some very good quality for the price.  No need to put on new hooks or split rings, these are very well produced lures. Fish ’em and fish ’em hard as is.


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