LM Squid Jig Heads


  • The perfect lead heads for fishing strip & whole squid
  • Available in 4 sizes & 3 colors including Glow, White & Red
  • Strong long shank black nickel hooks
  • Come in packs of 2 lead heads
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The SM WSB head head is a proven white seabass producer.  Like our Iron Man and Sumo jigs, you’ll want to double pin a squid on the super sharp, super strong quality hook.  The leadhead will “stand” on it’s back on the bottom, with eyes gazing upwards.  It’s a dandy jig, perfect for it’s intended application.  They’re available in both red and white, there’s a lot of local preference as to which color is preferred.  I’d, of course, suggest buying ’em both and then establishing your own preference.

Weight is important with these jigs.  You’re going to have three opportunities to catch fish with ’em: on the drop, resting on the bottom, and on the retrieve.  Weight will determine the jigs effectiveness, you’ll want to reach the bottom with as little lead as you can get by with.  If you’re fishing up tight, 5 feet depth or so, go light.  If you’re in 60′ of water go heavy.

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