Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III Slow Pitch Rods


  • 1 Piece Japanese Carbon Blank
  • Conventional Guide Set
  • Fuji Titanium Torzite Guides
  • Heavy Pulling Power
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We’ve carried the Hearty Rise Slow Jigging 3 S x Tokayo for a little while now, this Slow Jigging 3 is the older brother. The Slow Jigging 3 has a bit more length at 6’3 for most of the lower jig ratings, they also give you a more moderate bend towards the handle. The 3-S is a bit faster and gives you slightly more pulling power where the 3 gives you a bit more leverage on a fish. The blanks on these are a bit thicker than the newer models but they are still ultra light and super strong, they use some of the nicest carbon material available on the market and achieve amazing results. These rods opt to use the LRV over the standard KW guides from Fuji, still in the Titanium frame with Torzite ring so you’re getting the most performance out of anything else available on the market.

As always with the Slow Jigging Series, these rods can pull hard and bring in bigger fish so they’re perfect for targeting larger bottom fish species and any offshore pelagic you can think of. I’d recommend pairing these with the Accurate 300, 500N or 600NN SPJ reels as they give you the most performance out of any jigging reel on the market. You’ll see these rods advertised and fished in Asia with Marfix reels which are double the price, double the weight and have half the drag.

From the Manufacturer:

HR SLOW JIGGING III, the Slow Jigging specialist, is made by HEARTY RISE newest NET-V III technology. The blank was built by the newest high density TORAYCA “T1100G” NANO carbon material to bring up its strength and resilience to the top, which makes SLOW JIGGING III to be a rod features with high strength and ultra sensitive, it is a premium rod designed for Slow Jigging. The high sensitive achieves the delicate motivation of the jig; the great resiliency makes fewer burdens to the physical. It can target to the bigger size of migrated species and the beneath species. This HR SLOW JIGGING III equipped with FUJI latest TITANIUM TORZITE guides to make it lighter and lower the abrasion of the line. Besides, this rod is excellent in resilience and bending curve performance. We have adopted DOUBLE HELIX-X technique to strengthen the blank in order to prevent from over-wavering, make it always keep perfect performance.

Model Length
Butt Dia
Power Range
Line 90° Drag
60° Drag
SJ3-631C/250 6’3 191 1 6.38 2.3 8.4 #1 Max 250 Max PE1.5 ~ 30lb 20 30 95
SJ3-631C/340 6’3 191 1 7.16 2.7 10.0 #2 Max 340 Max PE2.5 ~ 40lb 28 40 95
SJ3-631C/650 6’3 191 1 7.65 2.8 11.4 #3 Max 650 Max PE3.0 ~ 50lb 36 50 95
SJ3-581C/1000 5’8 177 1 8.92 3.6 12.8 #4 Max 1000 Max PE5.0 ~ 60lb 40 60 95

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