Halco Max Trolling Lures

This Halco’s is a cutting edge bibless minnow that can do the lot, be it jigging, casting or trolling. The Max has a highly streamlined design that gives it unbeatable casting ability, while allowing trolling speeds up to 14 knots with minimal trolling resistance. With great results for tuna and wahoo trolling.

  • 110mm, 130mm, 190mm, & 220mm sizes
  • Wide assortment of colors
  • Large inline single hooks on the 190 & 220 sizes


Halco is a well respected lure manufacturer based in Australia, with a wide range of lures. They’re the top lure company in Australia, and that says a lot about their fish catching quality. Tuna, wahoo and kingfish are some of the species that go for these lures, and they catch fish when other lures don’t produce. Many of their products are geared towards species we simply don’t encounter here, barramundi for instance, but some are excellent for what we do target. Their lures are well made, good designs and not ridiculously priced.

We are stocking Halco’s most popular and well performing Max sizes. They make many more lures than this model, however some do not pertain to our style of fishing here and others, such as their poppers, while having a nice design the product is not thru-wired. That’s not acceptable in my estimation given the application, and there are other alternative products that do incorporate that basic feature. For this reason we do not stock their poppers.

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Product NameBuoyancyTrolling SpeedWeightLengthHooksApplications
Max 1102-12 Knots30gm110mm, 4.3 Inches#2 Mustad 3XX TreblesJigging, Casting, TrollingRapid Sinking
Max 1302-12 Knots80gm130mm, 5.1 Inches#2 Mustad 3XX TreblesJigging, Casting, TrollingRapid Sinking
Max 1902-12 Knots155gm190mm, 7.5 Inches7/0 Inline SinglesJigging, Casting, TrollingRapid Sinking
Max 2202-14 Knots180gm220mm, 8.7 Inches9/0 Inline SinglesJigging, Casting, TrollingRapid Sinking