Frenzy Flying Fish


  • The perfect lures to run on the kite
  • Large & single piece molded to ensure the best durability
  • Hollow line & hook slot for quick and easy rigging
  • Available in Blue & Pink
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Whenever I head off to Catalina and I see the flying fish coming out of the water I have great confidence in the day’s fishing. When the water is right for the fliers you know the water’s right for the fish that feed on ’em.  Marlin, big tuna… they like flying fish! They’re at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to a BIG gamefish’s lunch menu. Frenzy produced a wonderful flier, the Ballistic Flying Fish.  The Ballistic Flier is perfectly suited for use as a teaser or stand-alone bait.  Rig a half dozen in a daisy chain or spreader bar to really bring up the gamefish.  Another effective technique is to rig one above your trolling lure, use it as you would a birdie teaser.  But, the way most folks use these lures is to tie one straight onto your troll line as a hooked lure on the troll.  They are also effective rigged with a hook and used as a drop back bait.

When chumming or chunking, the Ballistic Flying Fish can be drifted back into your slick as an appealing target of opportunity for finicky fish.  Worked on top or suspended in the water column, the flying fish has a silhouette that all blue water gamefish cherish.  When live-baiting, a Ballistic Flying Fish can be rigged in front of your bait to add some commotion and serve as a marker to help manage your spread. And, as has been so well proven, a flier off a kite works very, very well! That technique was rediscovered in 2017 by a lot of West Coast fishermen seeking the nice grade of bluefin we’ve had off the coast for the past three or four years.  That trend continues for 2018, time to grab your kite and go fish’n!

All Custom Rigging options come with a new hook, leader, 1-3 oz sinker to keep the bait in the water, and ball bearing swivel.

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