AFW Titanium 7 Strand Wire


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Here’s a new product, introduced at ICAST 2010, the first super elastic, knottable, kink resistant titanium stranded leader material. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s also corrosion proof since it’s made from space age titanium. AFW’s Titanium Surfstrand is a unique leader destined to be much appreciated by anglers seeking long term strength and rigging flexibility. Unlike most titanium wire, it can be crimped successfully, it’s quite limp and can even be tied effectively. At present it’s only available in three tests, 30#, 50# and 75#, but we’re hoping to see higher tests introduced as time advances and production increases. If you are making up wahoo bombs, rigging “toothy critter” bait rigs, give this stuff a try. You’ll be every bit as impressed as we are. This product is packed in 10 ft. 3.05 meter coils.

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