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Tady Lures


Tady makes great West Coast Iron, excellent action and finishes. They have been a go-to for folks heading offshore for yellowtail and tuna.

Tady manufactures a wide range of lures, from small TLC's all the way up to the big 15's (note, the 15's went away in 2008, replaced finally in 2017 with the re-introduction of the 14A). In all, there are ten different models to select from, certain to meet any angler's needs. We stock several luminous back lures for going deep, as well several of our offerings feature single siwash hooks for wahoo or larger grade tuna. Southern California anglers really toss iron a lot, and Tady has long been the brand of choice. The model 45 and C are long time favorites for surface iron. For catch and release anglers, we also have several models with "fixed" single hooks, making the release of fish much easier, especially toothy critters like barracuda. Tady also manufactures yoyo style vertical jigging iron. These can be great lures for when the fish are suspended or on the bottom. Most interesting, there was a big 274 yellowfin taken recently on a long range boat on a Tady 15! (note, the Tady 15 was discontinued about 2008 but has come back with their 2017 release of the 14A). Several of these yoyo style lures also do quite well swimming back to the boat, so they have a dual purpose. In the section below we'll take you through their line-up of products, from surface to deep jigging for rockfish and big grouper. They've got the best range of lures of their type on the market, and the best finishes. No matter where you fish, give them a try. You'll be tossing iron with confidence when you fish Tady!