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Long Range Trips from San Diego CA

2023 TRIPS

We may have a couple shorter range trips, arrangements are not concluded yet so stay tuned. We will probably add a trip or two aboard the Tribute…

Our Long Range trips repeat the schedule of prior years, three charters on the Red Rooster III and one aboard the Royal Polaris, and we are now working with the Tribute for shorter trips.

LONG RANGE CHARTERS – Seaforth, H & M and Fisherman’s Landing

August 21 2023 Monday Departure – 6 Day Charter aboard the Red Rooster III – This is ALWAYS a memorable trip and one of my favorites over the past 18+ years!
(Tyically schoolie Yellowfin Tuna & Yellowtail. We’ll see where we go this year, could be bluefin, could be Guadalupe, wherever we go, this particular charter has always been absolutely wonderful.)  Check the video on our YouTube channel – CharkBait USA

September 21 2023 Thursday Departure – 6 Day Charter aboard the 
Royal Polaris Fisherman’s Landing – It’s been excellent thru the years!
(This should again be a Guadalupe Island trip for Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail)

October 23 2022 Monday Departure – 8 Day Charter aboard the Red Rooster III  H&M Landing – Here’s your shot at wahoo and more.  An 8 day charter provides more opportunities and more variety.
(Likely the Ridge or Alijos Rocks – Wahoo, Yellowtail and Tuna are the targets)

There you’ll find videos of most of our charters.

For some ideas regarding gear for these charters, click here

For this year’s 6 day and over charters we’ll again be supplying free commemorative tee shirts to each guest, and some useful gifts for each participant. CharkBait $25 gift cards to the first 20 anglers to sign up for each trip. 

Confused about what to bring? Please feel free to give us a call and we can walk through things. As well, each of the boats have their own websites which offer ideas (though if you bring all they have listed we’ll need a bigger boat!). We also have a list that provides some info in this regard – click here. For the Mexico trips, a passport is a good thing to have, and may be required by the boat.

(NOTE: Charter prices do NOT include Mexican permits or some beverages (eg. you’ll pay your own beer tab). On the 4 day and longer charters food and basic beverages are included, snacks… Plan on being very well fed. Shorter trips do NOT include meals. ) There may also be a fuel surcharge if the rates for diesel goes above projected prices. Tips: plan on exceptional service to be provided by staff, so keep an extra 15-20% of the cost of trip for covering appropriate tips. Jackpots are also not included in the costs below. Beyond that, figure a charge for parking and fish processing if required, and that’s about all the additional expenses to plan for on one of these trips.



We may add some shorter trips to the mix…Long Range Trips for 2022
Charter 2 Red Rooster III 6 Day

6 Day Mid-Long Range Mexican Coast and Offshore –  Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado
You can book your trip directly with the landing
(619) 224-3857

$ call landing
The FIRST 20 people to sign up will receive a $25 CharkBait Gift Card (awarded on the boat)
plus tackle to use on the trip!

up to 30 anglers
Charter 3 Royal Polaris 6 Day
Trip on the water
6 Day Long Range to Guadalupe Island
LIMITED LOAD @ 32 fishing

– Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, Wahoo!

$ call landing
You can book your trip directly with the landing
(619) 226-8030

The FIRST 20 people to sign up will receive a $25 CharkBait Gift Card (awarded on the boat)
Up to 36 anglers
Charter 4 Red Rooster III 8 Day
Long Range to Guadalupe Isl., Alijos Rocks, Ridge, Mag Bay, Offshore 

– Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Dorado
$ call landing 
You can book your trip directly with the landing
(619) 224-3857

The FIRST 20 folks to sign up will receive a $25 CharkBait Gift Card
(awarded on the boat)
plus some tackle to use on the trip!

28 or less on this trip


Get to the landing early, 2-3 hours prior to departure time so we can get a quick get away! Parking can be a problem at times, so please allow some extra time to check in and get your gear ready for loading.
Please note, most trips will have some added costs for required permits if we head to Mexican waters and for specific destinations such as Guadalupe Island. In addition, there may be a fuel surcharge should fuel rise in price. Of course entry in the jackpot may cost you a few bucks, parking, fish processing are additional costs, as will be soft drinks or beer. Typically folks tip the crew at the end of the trip, and that can range from 10-20% of the trip’s cost depending upon your satisfaction with service.

Tackle supplied in each anglers gift bag with useful items from ToroTamer, Eagle Claw, Hi Seas and other manufacturers.


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