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The Chum Buddy

This new product, made here in Huntington Beach, offers boaters a convenient method of bringing the fish to the boat. Save some gas, get the fish coming to you for a change! Chumming has it's benefits, but it can be a messy hassle. With the Chum Buddy a boaters life simplifies a bit. If you have some "rolled" bait in the livewell or if you have some frozen from an earlier trip, make good use of it in this device. It's a very overbuilt piece of gear, with machined metal "masher" and PVC construction designed to last for years. Even the rope for attaching the Chum Buddy is far stronger than what's probably needed. Just put your dead bait in the device, mash it around a bit and drop it off the rail of your boat to bring in some fish. Guys practicing catch and release sharking will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of this thing, as will anglers targeting all species of fish. The scent offered will get the fish in the mood...and help you get some fish on the boat!

For a limited time the Chum Buddy will include a bottle of New Fishall's 100% pure fish oil. Just put some of this stuff on a sponge and drop it in the Chum Buddy with or without your old bait to attract fish to your boat.



Description Sale Price
Chum Buddy and FREE FISH OIL $69.95


  • Izorline Squid Jigs

izsquid.jpg (12376 bytes)These izorsqd.jpg (12556 bytes)are the mainstay for guys making "candy-bait" at the islands and long range.  The regular jig (smaller size) is the most popular locally.   Rig several of them together to catch arrow squid in meaningful quantities at Catalina Island.  The Extra Large and Jumbo are for the big ones.  This is the model for the long range guys and for folks trying to bring in the big guys.  Want some great bait for a marlin or swordie?  Catch some giant squid!  The model pictured on the right in the image is weighted.  This is the preferred piece for catching squid in strong current, or (my favorite method) rig this one at the bottom and several of the unweighted jigs above in a chain. 



Buy Description Price
Izor standard white squid jig $1.37
Izor standard chartreuse squid jig $1.37
Izor standard lumo squid jig $1.97
Izor Extra Large lumo squid jig $3.51
Jumbo lumo squid jig $9.99

Squid Catcher Gangion Lumo Squid Rig


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  • New Izorline Lighted Squid Jigs

Trick ideas flow easily from Izorline.  Izor's squid jigs are well proven producers of candy bait.  Now Izor has done something that should have been done before, integrate a light stick with a new soft body squid jig.  The jigs come with a couple lights, we stock their replacements as well.  Just insert the light through the jig, as shown. Alternatively you just poke the lightstick inside through the hole at the top of the jig. Tie on a weight or a weighted squid jig ( and drop her down. If you have to go deep to get 'em, this one will help  get the attention.  If the squid are floating easily, forget the light stick, just drop one over the side.  The soft body can be a plus, arrow squid like to cuddle up to something soft when they're in an amorous mood.  So, get jiggy, get all jigged up, the squid and seabass are coming! 


Buy Description Price
Izorline Lighted Squid Jig standard size -3" $3.99
Izorline Lighted Squid Jig large size - 4" $4.99
Izorline Lighted Squid Jig extra large size - 5" $5.49

  • Ahi Squid Rigs

The folks from Ahi offer several very nice squid catching rigs, from gangion style to some BIG jigs for Humbolt or Baja giants.  All are luminous, all offer large barbless hooks and are made with attention to quality and value.  The first item offered is a multi-hook gangion style jig.  They're wonderful for Arrow squid, for 6 inch squirts.

Ahi recently introduced a very unique product, one we're sure no one in your neighborhood owns.  For folks traveling where the really big squid reside, like Baja, we've got something that's going to make your eyes bug out just like Beth's do when she finds a box of See's candy on my desk...  If you're targeting 20# plus squid, this is a great jig.

This is a MONDO size squid jig, over one foot long, luminious, lots of hooks for grabbing these tasty cephalopods. You can get an idea of the size, the coin next to the jig is a quarter.  This is a very big squid jig, a bit over one foot in length.  Catch a giant squid on a jig like this and you'll be making calimari steaks not little rings!  Heck, you could end up making a ring big enough to put a basketball through!  These are GIANT squid jigs for GIANT squids.  


Buy Description Price
Ahi Gangion-style Squid Catcher $8.99
Ahi Giant Squid Jig 3 hook $8.39
Ahi Giant Squid Jig 2 hook $7.39
Ahi Large Squid Jig 2 hook $4.99
Ahi Prism Squid Jig 2 hook $5.99
GIANT 20 inch  long 24 ounce jig. Use with 40# line or greater line. $19.99


GIANT 8 inch long 16 oz. jig. Use with 30# line or greater line. $14.99



  • YoZuri Squid Jigs

owner4.jpg (16556 bytes)These squid jigs are the best looking and best producing squid catchers you'll find.   The best way to use them is to rig two or three ahead of a 2-3 ounce torpedo sinker.  You'll fill up quickly, especially when you also put out the Optronics light (shown below).  The jigs are available in two sizes (the smaller size displayed in the foreground), and three colors. These jigs are sometimes hard even for us to come by.  We try to maintain a good inventory, but they are a hard-to-get piece once we get a run of someone ordering a dozen...  We also sometimes get these jigs in different colors.  Right now we have them in green.  If you'd like that option just make mention on the order form.  

3.5" @$7.99    Luminous   Blue   Pink
4.375" @$7.99 Luminous   Blue   Pink

Color: Size:

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  • Strike Master Squid Catcher

SQUIDCATCHER.jpg (40390 bytes)A couple years ago ago we had a guest speaker at the shop.  Jeff Marsilio skipper of the Old No.7 and also a commercial squid fisherman when the charters aren't booked gave us the low-down on fishing white seabass and making squid.  He introduced us to a new product which he discusses on the video we made of his presentation (see the Fishermen's Journal).  It took us a few weeks to get the product here, and it's something you're going to want if you are in water's posses squid, the things we call "candy bait."  There's no better bait in the sea, certainly no better bait for white seabass.  If you fish from a private boat and target the big croakers, buy a couple of these catcher rigs and a good underwater bait-light.  You'll find the combination invaluable.


Buy Description Price
Strike Master Gangion-style Squid Catcher $8.99

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Strike Master has really expanded their line of squid jigs this year, introducing many excellent luminescent weighted squid jigs.  They weight from 3 ounces all the way up to 1.5 pounds!  The jigs are cable wired for long term durability.  The Strike Master folks really have increased their line significantly, and are offering some unique ideas for making bait.  If you target squid, these weighted jigs will do very well for you.




Buy Description Price
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig #338 5.5 inch $9.99
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig #638 8.5 inch $16.99
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig #938 9.25 inch $19.99
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig #1238 10 inch $21.99
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig #1638 10.25 inch $22.99
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig #Monster 21 inch 1.5 pound $24.99
Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig Combo Catcher includes weighted squid jig and gangion - very productive and easy to use! $16.99

Owner Bait Rigs
Owner's Sabiki Rigs have multiple bait catching lures rigged to a main line.  They are great for catching sardines, mackerel, herring and other baitfish.  These are an essential for any long range trip, and work their magic for us local guys too. 

We're stocking several varieties of Owner Sabiki rigs.  Some are very suitable for making mackerel, what you generally want to have for the larger tuna on a long range trip.  These are the squid imitations with the larger skirts.  As well, some of the larger size "non-rubber" versions also do very well, particularly the gold colored hair sabikis (#5528).  For smaller bait, smelt, sardine... the smaller profile (5536) variety is the way to go.


Buy Description Price
Owner Sabiki 5537  size 4, 4 hooks/baits - mack size hooks $2.99
Owner Sabiki 5537  size 6, 4 hooks/baits - mack size hooks $2.99
Owner Sabiki 5537  size 8, 4 hooks/baits - small hooks $2.99
Owner Sabiki 5537  size 10, 6 hooks/baits - small hooks $2.99
Owner Sabiki 5537  size 12, 6 hooks/baits - very small hooks $2.99
Owner Sabiki 5537 size 14, 4 hooks/baits - very small hooks $2.99
Owner Sabiki size Gold Hair
6, 6 hooks/baits
Owner Sabiki size Gold Hair
10, 6 hooks/baits
Owner micro squid 1/0, 2 hooks/baits 40# drop line, 50# main line $4.99
Owner micro squid size 4, 4 hooks/baits 20# drop line, 30# main line $4.99
Owner micro bluefish size 6, 6 hooks/baits 20# drop line, 30# main line $4.99

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  • PLine Sabiki
    Long Range Bait Catchers

PLineSabiki.jpg (18379 bytes)PLine recently came out with some very innovative and economical bait catching rigs. They both feature barbless hooks for easy "off loading." They're both multi-colored, lightly weighted, mylar loaded, mini-squids.  They'll catch your bait...economically! If you're a private boater in need of making some macks for bait, a sharker, or a long range angler, you'll appreciate the quality and the design of these dandy micro-squid sabikis. Rigged on 20# mono. They work great for catching mackerel and other large bait.



Buy Description Price
PLine Sabiki 1/0 size
(two baits per rig)
PLine Sabiki #4
(four baits per rig)

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Umbrella Dip Net -NE-201

This is a great bait catching dip net.  Features strong Ace Nylon netting on a galbanized steel frame. For easy operation it's spring-loaded frame pops the net open for use and folds completely in one quick step. Specifically designed hemmed edges insure your catch will stay in the net. Complete with 25' rope. NE-201 42"x42", NE-202 36"x36"


Collapsible Live Bait Traps

There are lots of reasons to use these nets.  Here's my favorite: If you keep your boat in the harbor like I do, you've got a great opportunity to catch the best halibut bait you can find: smelt. Not only are they good for halibut, it seems like every predatory fish from yellowtail to white seabass relish smelt.  So, toss in some bread in to the bait sock and toss her over the side when you go to bed.  When you wake up, you'll probably have enough pieces of quality bait to bring home the bacon...or more likely some flatties.

Buy Description Price
Please note, landing/crab/lobster nets are large.  As a result, shipping can be expensive.  It is far more cost effective to order several nets rather than only one.
NE-201 Umbrella Dip Net 42" $15.99
NE-202 Umbrella Dip Net 36" $14.99
TR-503 Live Bait Traps $17.99
TR-502 Live Bait Traps $19.99
TR-501 Live Bait Traps $8.99

Ahi Sabiki Rigs

It takes a lot to get a guy excited about a bait catching rig.  Usually it's just one more thing to bring on the boat. I've got to give the Ahi rigs their due, they're a great rig.  All Ahi Sabiki rigs are produced from only the highest quality components.  They feature a ball bearing and crane swivels, designed to minimize line kinds and twist.  You'll get more use from these rigs than others, you'll take care of them as you would a valued lure.  You won't toss 'em in the trash after one use.  They are equipped with sharp, high quality hooks, hand tied to super strong nylon chip leader material.  The rigs are enhanced with green glow and red flash beads. Each rig included six hooks, differing line weight between main and branch lines.


One of the hassles some folks experience in using a sabiki is what to do with it after you've used it to make bait. They don't lend themselves to being repackaged too well, with several hooks six feet or so of mainline plus the droppers. Also, it takes time to rig and put away, and then you might not have one handy when the bait does pop up again. The Ahi rig stows the sabiki inside the rod! Over the past couple years several Sabiki rods have come on the market, and again ProMar/Ahi came up with some improvements over what has been available. Again stowing the sabiki rig, and the rod is an issue for private boaters as well as long range fishermen. The Ahi design is multi-piece (3 to be exact). It's also a little longer, helping to get the rig away from the boat, and other angler's tangles. The rod also features a gimble (with cap) to aid in use. For use with conventional reels. - Please note the rod is not as pictured on the right - it does NOT have an aluminum reel seat.

Buy Description Hook Size Rigging Price
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB401 shrimp 8 15/10# $1.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB402 shrimp 4 30/20# $1.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB403 shrimp 8 15/10# $1.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB404 shrimp 4 30/20# $1.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB301 flasher 12 15/10# $1.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB302 flasher 8 20/10# $1.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB303 flasher 4 30/20# $1.99
NEW Promar Ahi Sabiki SB501 Micro Squid #2 hooks 4 30/20# $2.99
NEW Promar Ahi Sabiki SB502 Micro Squid #1/0 hooks 4 40/30# $2.99
Promar Ahi Sabiki Rod - 3 piece 8' length, gimble, diamond wrap, aluminum tip, rod sleeve included. $49.95
Promar Ahi Sabiki Rod - 3 piece 7' length, gimble, diamond wrap, aluminum tip, rod sleeve included. $49.95

New micro-squid from Ahi.


Bait Motel NE-701 and NE-736


ProMar Bait Motels 

Have you ever returned to the dock with a bunch of great bait, only to feed the birds?  Some folks discovered that you can toughen up and "cure" your bait better, save a few dollars by re-using baitfish.  Even better, you can make some smelt at the dock and keep 'em in the bait motel for later use.  Also, for folks traveling to Catalina or San Clemente for an overnighter (or any destination for that matter). Why run the risk of draining your battery by running a bait pump all night long?  Don't do it, just transfer your bait to a small motel for the evening.  The bait motels are quality constructed for extended use.  They're great for the dock and for use aboard your boat while at sea.

NE 750 30 gallon Motel

Buy Description Price
NE738 - Extra Large Bait Motel
36" x 38" 165 gallon size
NE750 - Large Bait Motel
18" x 28" 30 gallon size
NE701 - Medium Bait Motel
17" x 18" 18 gallon size
NE700 - Small Bait Motel
14" x 15" 10 gallon size
NE705 - Kayak Bait Motel - 5 gallon size $18.99

HYDRO GLOW lights are the preferred night light for attracting bait, baitfish, squid, and predatory fish that feed on these critters. The Hydro Glow lights are the best available for private boaters, the most recommended fish attracting lights on the market, and they have been for many years. They are not the least expensive, but when the full package is considered, they represent a very worthwhile investment in fish catching technology.  If you are serious about catching white seabass off the SoCal coast, you need squid. If you need to "make" squid or other baits, you need a Hydro Glow!


A few years ago Hydro Glow updated their lights from big fragile tubes to LED lights. BIG improvement for most of us, the new LED's were VERY durable, you didn't have to be so careful since the LED's were much more tolerant of being tossed or banged on the boat. Well, there's another change coming and it's a very good one. The longer 2 and 4 foot LED lights are history, discontinued!  While we hate to see 'em go, the new lights are even better. Hydroglow has a new wrinkle in their design and it's a very good thing for private boaters. The new lights are smaller, take up very little room on a boat and they have a plethora of high output LED's. The new lights are brighter than their four foot cousins, and they take about the same space as a can of beer.

The LED's are VERY durable, capable of putting up with far more abuse than the older style lights. The new ones, well, more light, more bait, less room needed aboard the boat.


There are some benefits with the new lights that should appeal to a lot of folks. Since they are basically solid state, they can deal with natural abuse that's likely to occur on most boats, they can deal better with some bumping around that a tube-style light. The lights also have a proprietary coating on their bright LED's to help absorb shock and make them waterproof for use in the water and added durability for years of hard use. The LED's are also darn efficient, drawing just 1/2 to 1 amp of juice! For the private boater, these may be exactly what you have been wanting to keep on the boat - and use!




Buy Description Price
Hydro Glow 1 foot LED light $89.95
NEW Hydro Glow 30 watt, 12 volt, green 3600 Lumin Light
- New coming soon
NEW Hydro Glow 45 watt, 12 volt, green 5400 Lumin Light
- New in stock now

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They're Back!

I first came across this product at ICAST several years ago. I was very much interested, but at that point there was no way for me to bring the piece into this country. They're based in Norway, and it would have been a pain in the keester to import 'em. I've been following them ever since, and fishing the sample they provided me. They also had some growing to do, earn their USA patent... We are now pleased to be able to offer this unique product to our clients. The Esca fish attractor utilizes light and electro-magnetic influences to attract gamefish. It can improve the performance of all lures, imitates natures own lure lights, and adds life to lures and bait. While the piece can be used as a lure, it truly shines best by treating it as an attractor. I wrote this back around 2007, and through 2010 we saw this product grow in popularity. But, then something happened. Their USA manager disappeared, did not come to the ICAST shows for years, we could not make contact, and people kept calling asking about the esca lights, if we had any...  I'll cut to the chase, we found 'em, we've got 'em, and you'd do well to grab some.*

There are four different styles/types of Esca attractors. The devices emit either green or blue light, and that light is either a constant fade or blinking/strobe. They are powered by saltwater itself, and will work for up to 100 hours of fishing time - no batteries involved. The best use for the Esca device is to use them as an add-on to your existing lures. They have proven very successful for folks targeting swordfish, all types of deeper water rockfish, and most recently billfish. (They have been used in several tournaments for great effect). The Esca replicates the wavelength, intensity and frequency of light emitted by different types of fish and plankton - the manufacturer refers to this as the "pulse of life!" They also create an electromagnetic field that triggers the hunting instincts in fish. Fish will bite, and bite harder! The Esca will improve the visibility of your lures and tackle, improving your odds at getting bit.

Esca attractors weigh 7 grams. They can be used by themselves as a small jig, but they are really best used together with spinners, jigs, iron, and bait. You can rig them inside soft bodied squid skirts, inline, with deep diving lures and with trolling lures. For some rigging ideas please click this link.


We now also stock esca accessories, their squid and shrimp lures. These hollow bodied transparent lures are made to hold an esca light. Use them with a scent or fresh dead bait and be ready to catch some fish. Accessory lures are packed two per box, no light is included - just the two baits.


Description Price
Esca Attractor - blue fade $19.99
Esca Attractor - green fade $19.99
Esca Attractor - blue blinking $19.99
Esca Attractor - green blinking $19.99
Esca Accessory - SHRIMP LURES $6.00
Esca Accessory - SQUID LURES $6.00

Promar LED Glow Light Stick

The folks from Promar continually come out with nifty items for fishermen and boaters. Their newest addition to their line is an LED Glow Light Stick. Unlike other light sticks, these are reusable. The light's housing is luminescent, and uses replaceable batteries for power. It's a chemical-free means to shed some light on your bait cages, for use as markers, for whatever use you'd put your basic light stick to accomplishing.

Key Features

- Waterproof
- Reuseable
- Replaceable Batteries
- Glow Casing
- Chemical-Free
- Extra Batteries Included!

Buy Description Price
ProMar LED Lightstick Blue $4.99
ProMar LED Lightstick White $4.99

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Promar Diamond Strobe

Our friends from Promar also have introduced a Diamond strobe light - very much the equal to the model posted above. It's indistinquishable, functions the same way, lasts the same length of time, but is a better value. (Both lights probably are produced by the same factory overseas). The Promar LED light will work for 300 hours of use, and can be used at depths up to 3,500 feet. It's powered by a Lithium Battery, included. We sell these lights for $7.99.

Buy Description Price
Promar Submersible Strobe Light - green $7.99
Promar Submersible Strobe Light - red $7.99
Promar Submersible Strobe Light - blue $7.99
Promar Submersible Strobe Light - white $7.99

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Looking for bait nets?  Please visit our other "Making Bait" page for more Promar and Ahi bait catching ideas.

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