Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and enjoys some quality time with family, the last couple of years have been a wild ride in the business of fishing. We’re thankful for any inventory we can get at this point because everything is flying off the shelves due the backlog of products. Every US manufacturer is beyond overloaded due to the growth in demand for fishing gear and lack of supply from importers. The favorite gear from Avet, Accurate, Penn and United Composites is hard to get and putting them farther behind on production is hard to justify at this point. This year we don’t have any crazy blowout deals to work with but we’ve got some great gifts and discounts going along with some popular products. Enjoy the turkey and get some gear!

We are seeing longer delays for products across the board, most of the overseas manufacturers like Daiwa, Okuma and Penn are running out of stock and are experiencing long delays to get more. Domestic manufacturers are doing their best as well with regulations and slowdowns. Since importers have run out of stock people have been turning to domestic manufacturers to fill the demand, but that has also created a shortage in those products. It seems like the first half of this year will be similar to last year when everyone was caught off guard and sold through stock due to the increased interest in fishing.

If you’ve got pictures of some of your catches with our gear feel free to send us some pictures either to me at sergey@charkbait.com or Mark at information-1@charkbait.com

If you have any suggestions, complaints, questions or comments about the website please feel free to email me at: sergey@charkbait.com or give me a call at the shop.

As always, thank you for visiting our Weekly Specials and hope to see you at the shop!

Sergey Smith


Okuma Makaira reels have been some of the best big game reels to ever be released on the market. The lever drags have moved the industry forward, a decade after their initial release there is still nothing that can quite match their performance. Low gear ratios, high drag with no impact on freespool, lugs on all models, light weight frames and a 5 year warranty seals the deal. The spinning reels are about as overbuilt as it gets and they bring features that most manufacturers do not have. You won’t see machined stainless steel gears and cold forged then machined aluminum frames and spools on any other spinning reel.

As always you get your pick of free solid or hollow braid spooling on all Makaira reels. We are also throwing in some nice Okuma Windbreakers, valued at $50-60, along with the purchase of any Makaira reel.




FishLab has been partnered with Okuma for a while now, they make some great lures and an even better set of tackle storage gear which we’ll get to later. We’re giving away a zip up hoodie valued at around $50 with the purchase of a Cavalla, Tesoro or Komodo reel.

The Cavalla’s are a new and improved lighter frame lever drag reel that has been out for a couple of years now replacing the Metaloid. They’ve brought some upgrades to improve reliability, reworked some ergonomics by going with longer handles and retained their 3 year warranty and low price. These are some of the best bang for the buck two speed lever drag reels out there.

The Tesoro’s are Okuma’s higher end star drag reels. They bring an amazing frame design, maximizing all of the available space and bringing the spool all the way up to the edge. They’re compact, powerful, have great freespool and of course have the recurring theme of a 3 year warranty which shows Okuma’s commitment to producing reels they can stand by. We’ve seen 150lb bluefin brought in on the 12 size, the 5’s are a great bait size and the 5NS is a perfect slow pitch jigging reel for those into it.

Komodo’s have been revamped a couple of times each time getting a little better. The current models feature a lot more stainless steel and metal parts than most other baitcasters giving you the feel of a high performance inshore reel but the durability to go offshore. Great drags and a great price bundled with a 3 year warranty.




FishLab has replaced the Okuma Nomad series of tackle storage products starting out with the popular rolling tackle bags and tackle backpacks. The rolling tackle bags are a significant improvement over the previous generation. They’re more stable and made of a more durable material. They offer more space and flexibility along with features like the integrated waterproof cover and top pocket storage. Rolling tackle bags are a lot more portable and convenient to use so it isn’t surprising how popular these have been.

The tackle backpack is for guys traveling light, I use mine for everything local along with the longer range trips up to 6 days. They’ve got plenty of space as long as you know what you need to bring and don’t want to over-pack. A few trays and some clothes and you’re set for a tuna trip.

With the purchase of a rolling tackle bag or backpack you’ll receive a FishLab beanie along with free shipping.




This week we are offering free splicing needle kits with a purchase of any of the 40-200lb bulk spools. The 1000M spools get a choice of either a medium or a heavy kit, while the 2500 yard spools come with the full needle kit.

Light/Medium Kits include threading needles in 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60lb along with the small latch and small loop needles. It retails for $59.99

Heavy Kits include threading needles in 80, 100, 130, 150 & 200lb along with the medium and large loop and latch needles. It retails for $69.99

Full Kits include all of the available needles in a 16 needle set and normally retail for $119.99

Toro Tamer’s 16 strand Hollow Core line, offers anglers the easiest to use super braid on the market for all inline rigging applications. Toro Tamer’s 16 strand is available in 25, 300, 500 and 1000 meter spools. This hollow core Gel Spun Super Braid polyethylene line represents the best product on the market in terms of ease of use in splicing, diameter and test capability. The new hollow core is available in 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 130 lb. tests. We’ve been working with the 16 strand hollow core 40 & 50 # extensively and frankly, I believe it to be the best such product that’s ever hit the street (dock?), and it will revolutionize the way many of us rig up our smaller reels – especially beneficial for folks running spinning reels and baitcasters. The 16 strand is excellent. We anticipate several other manufacturers and retailers to contradict our claims of quality, they have a vested interest in maintaining their position in the marketplace and high retail price. I encourage you to be the judge and see for yourself the fact that you can get a very good quality hollow core without paying the extremely high price others are charging.



While at ICAST in 2018 I came across something new to me, which really is the only reason I attend the show – searching out interesting new items from folks I’ve never come across.  Well, I’m sure glad I found this one. I was mesmerized looking at the way the squid undulated in the water and those wings…my gosh I’d jump on this calamari in a heartbeat.

Okay, back to the lures, these things are dandy and well priced with lots of rigging options you can plan. They are a solid bodied lure with great big 3D squid eyes, contracting fluttering tentacles, squid scented and with color patterns that will grab attention from any non-vegetarian gamefish.  You have to see the way these things swim and drop, simply amazing action.  You can rig these on a standard ball style leadhead, mojo head, even go weedless with a larger Eagle Claw underweight swimbait head. The lures are available in 5.9 inch length, three bodies per pack at a very economical $11.99 per pack.  A few months later a larger 7.8″ size was added and in late 2019 we saw an even larger 11.8″ jumbo.

The Chasebaits jig heads are perfect rigging option for the Chasebait Ultimate Squids. Rigged with two hooks, weighted head and a blade these are add to the numerous rigging options available for the squids, they give a more balanced look and fit the larger sizes of the squids including the newer 11 inch size that has been recently announced.



The Toro Tamer Topwater Poppers are now in stock! This 2015 new product introduction incorporates some excellent new features. Similar to the CB Poppers we’ve offered for a few years, these new surface lures improve upon the original design. The head is round rather than triangular, the results are greater splash – especially if you are fishing from a larger boat which is higher to the water line, such as a long range boat out of San Diego. The improved “pop” or splash allows the lure to be worked more effectively. Additionally, the new lures are available in three sizes 200mm (8″), 160mm (6.3″) and a new smaller 120mm size (4.8″). The larger sizes have proven very effective for tuna and the new small size will find great success for those fishing from the beach for Rooster fish, stripers and many other species where a slightly smaller and lighter lure proves effective. Lastly, the new lures feature a change in hooks. The two larger size lures incorporate VMC in-line single hooks, the smaller 120 size popper makes use of trebles.



Bucktail jigs are workhorses, productive for a wide variety of fish, and successfully fished in a few different styles. They can be used cast and retrieve and vertically. They can be dragged along the bottom, they can be used with a slab from fresh cut bait, with a curly tail grub, bottom line they are flexible producers of gamefish. Over the past 15 years we’ve stocked some wonderful bucktails from several manufacturers, SPRO, P-Line and ProFishCO. Every one of them had some characteristics we liked, and some features we desired to see…but didn’t. Sadly, two of those suppliers stopped production of their lures. So, ToroTamer came along and made their own, based on what we wanted to see.