1/17/2021 – Weekly Specials

Seems like a few of the manufacturers are starting to release new stuff at the beginning of the year. Watch out for new reels from Daiwa and Accurate, more information to come soon.

Fishing has been pretty slow for the most part, the long range fleet is doing their 15+ day trips getting ready to go in for maintenance when hurricane season starts. There has been some good news, most of these boats over the last few weeks have run into the bigger bluefin going farther out which should be a good sign for the summer. We should see those fish come in once the water warms up so it is looking to be another good season. We had a checkout update, it should be a bit more usable for most people hopefully and we are planning on adding a few new payment options over the next week.

If you’ve got pictures of some of your catches with our gear feel free to send us some pictures either to me at sergey@charkbait.com or Mark at information-1@charkbait.com

If you have any suggestions, complaints, questions or comments about the website please feel free to email me at: sergey@charkbait.com or give me a call at the shop.

As always, thank you for visiting our Weekly Specials and hope to see you at the shop!

Sergey Smith

HX & HXJ 5/2 2-Speed MC Reels 20% OFF

Avet HX & HXJ 5/2 MC’s 20% OFF

Here’s another excellent reel from Avet, one that they’ve been planning for well over a year’s time. For many Alaska bound fishermen it’s a very worthwhile piece. The single speed HX is your basic 4/0 Narrow – updated. The new HX will turn 22#’s at strike and 28#’s of drag at the full position of the lever. The gear ratio is a very useful 4.2:1, and the weight is 25 ounces. Spooled with 50# line, you’ll get 285 yards of line capacity. Alternatively, with 80# Spectra you’ll have a good 300 yards plus room for a modest topshot. In a way, you might think that the firm that created the small two-speed reel market was going backwards, but that’s not the case. Two speeds are great, but for some fishermen it’s beyond the finances and also beyond that which is needed to get the job done. For a fellow bottom fishing, or targeting larger size halibut in Alaskan or Pacific Northwest waters, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. a good strong reel at a very fair price.

Avet’s done it again, set the bar a bit higher for other manufacturers and created a must-have reel for serious anglers. The new HX or Hoo-X as we affectionately call ’em is one of the more versatile reels you’ll come across. It’s a compact true 4/0 size similar to a Penn Baja Special, but a bit lighter in weight. Like all Avet reels, it’s a lever drag that spins and casts superbly. Six rubber shielded ball bearings that will put up with abuse, huge carbon fiber drag, ergonomic handle… Actually, this reel features 8 ball bearings in total! It’s rather tall, so you’ll bring in a good amount of line per crank, and the gearing is very well thought out. They are geared at 5.4:1 and 2.4:1 on the narrow J model and 1.9 for the low gear on the standard and wide version of the HX. You’ve got speed for attracting a bite from a wahoo, but great cranking power for dealing with tuna and even marlin. They’ll be great sailfish reels, too. The stylish lugs can also be reversed (lugs/plugs) for situations when having an attachment point is unimportant. You do have options. This is another Avet reel that really has no equal, and fills so many applications that it really will become a must have piece. Let’s talk a bit about the drag. Avet claims they’ll do 20#’s of drag measured at strike, and still offer GREAT freespool performance for casting. We’ve tested them, they perform as stated. The reels will most commonly be used for fishing 50-60# lines. This has been a much hyped and talked about reel on all the message boards over the past few months, and now it’s a reality.

Extended use report…since I bought one too, the HX is one of the most versatile big game reels made today. It will take wahoo, larger grade tuna, marlin, pretty much anything that it’s line capacity allows. The drag is there, casting performance is very good, and it’s not too big to handle comfortably. Like the JX, the HX begs to be used, and it will be used often by any fisherman lucky enough to own one.

Avet makes the HX in three configurations, all based upon the same reel.

With 1000 & 2500 yd Spools of Hollow Toro Tamer offers a full line of Needles, Line,
Glue, and Serving Braid to get you started on all
kinds of inline rigging


This week we are offering free splicing needle kits with a purchase of any of the 40-200lb bulk spools. The 1000M spools get a choice of either a medium or a heavy kit, while the 2500 yard spools come with the full needle kit.

Light/Medium Kits include threading needles in 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60lb along with the small latch and small loop needles. It retails for $59.99

Heavy Kits include threading needles in 80, 100, 130, 150 & 200lb along with the medium and large loop and latch needles. It retails for $69.99

Full Kits include all of the available needles in a 16 needle set and normally retail for $119.99

Toro Tamer’s 16 strand Hollow Core line, offers anglers the easiest to use super braid on the market for all inline rigging applications. Toro Tamer’s 16 strand is available in 25, 300, 500 and 1000 meter spools. This hollow core Gel Spun Super Braid polyethylene line represents the best product on the market in terms of ease of use in splicing, diameter and test capability. The new hollow core is available in 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 130 lb. tests. We’ve been working with the 16 strand hollow core 40 & 50 # extensively and frankly, I believe it to be the best such product that’s ever hit the street (dock?), and it will revolutionize the way many of us rig up our smaller reels – especially beneficial for folks running spinning reels and baitcasters. The 16 strand is excellent. We anticipate several other manufacturers and retailers to contradict our claims of quality, they have a vested interest in maintaining their position in the marketplace and high retail price. I encourage you to be the judge and see for yourself the fact that you can get a very good quality hollow core without paying the extremely high price others are charging.

Ultra Durable Fishing Tools

Spring scales are one of the most useful tools to have, they make it quick and easy to measure and set the drag on any of reels to keep you from guessing.  The Manley scales are some of the highest quality spring scales available to fishermen, they’re brass and made in England from start to finish giving them a higher quality than anything else you can find on the market. We’ve gone through tons of different scales for when we set the drag anytime we spool reels and the Manley was the only one that stuck around. The one we have in the shop is from 1987 and has been used tens of thousands of times both on the boat in salt water and in the store to measure drag ratings. It doesn’t look quite as shiny and new, but the performance of it has not changed in 30 years. For a bit more money you get a scale that will definitely last you a lifetime and give you no issues along the way.

The Manley fishing pliers have been around for a while, they’re a very useful tool to have and have proven to be durable and reliable for when fishing. The jaws have a parallel action so it’s easier to grab onto hooks and anything else you need. They have a durable set of jaws that will work well for cutting mono, braid and even a hook if you’re in a pinch. Both sizes come with the nylon sheath as a package. The 5″ size is not spring assisted so they are a smaller manual set while the 6 1/2″ does have a spring assist for those who want it for ease of use.

Large Single & Twin Tail Grubs PRICE $4.99-7.99 11" Big Bone Single Tail Grubs
6" Jigger Bone Single Tail Grubs
8" Wish Bone Twin Tail Grubs
6" Jaw Bone Twin Tail Grubs

Boneyard Baits was a much appreciated manufacturer with us for many years, but they went away.  The owner sold the firm, but as happens sometimes, the new owner didn’t take care of business, disappeared from the marketplace.  The old owner got his company back and is back in business. He reached out to me in early 2020 to let us know he was ramping up production of his very unique lures.  For our clients heading up Alaska, these lures are bread and butter.  For those of us targeting deep water rockfish and lingcod, again these are bread and butter for bigger fish.  Will they take other species, sure bet, and that’s not surprising. But, given their size, you won’t be wasting time culling thru the small undersized fish, you’ll be targeting larger fish.

We stock three styles/sizes of lures in four patterns.  We offer glow, root beer, florescent orange holograph, and chartreuse holograph.  The plastic used to make these meaty lures is more durable than most soft lures you’ll come across. They will last longer than most plastics.  Two basic styles, two sizes of twin tail 6″ & 8” Wishbone Grub and  two sizes of single tail Bones, 6” Jigger Bone Grub and 11” Big Bone Grubs.

The 6″ WishBone offers even more action than its single tail brothers, the moving tails create more vibration in the water making it a great lure to jig with. If you’re targeting large lingcod, rockfish, grouper, musky, pike and more I would not pass these up. These will pair well with some of the smaller lead heads up to 6 oz.

For the 6″ Wishbone the recommended size scampi heads are 3oz, 4oz & 6oz

The 8″ WishBone offers even more action than its single tail brothers, the moving tails create more vibration in the water making it a great lure to jig with. If you’re targeting large lingcod, rockfish, grouper, musky, pike and more I would not pass these up. These will pair well with some of the smaller lead heads up to 6 oz.

For the 8″ Wishbone the recommended size scampi heads are 3oz, 4oz & 6oz

The 11″ jumbo size is great for targeting the biggest lings and halibut, with the right colors you can even use them for big grouper and any kind of bottom fishing. For these you’ll want larger scampi lead heads 8-24oz.

For the BIG Bone 11” Grub we have 8, 10, 12, 16 and 24 ounce jig Scampee heads.

The 6″ single tail scampi size is perfect for the bigger rockfish and lingcod. These lures are a classic brought back to life, made of durable plastic in the most popular colors for bottom fishing. Pair these up with a scampi lead head and you’ve got a lure that will single out the bigger fish compared to a normal shrimp-fly rig.

For the 6″ Jigger Bone we recommend using 3, 4 & 6 ounce scampi lead heads.

High Quality Hooks, Rings & Swivels
Made in Japan
Tournament Legal Hooks Available

New Stainless Steel Inline Replacement Hooks

We’ve heard some complaints about the hooks that come on the Nomad Design lures, they’re not replaceable and have very small barbs which don’t facilitate a good hookset so we have worked with QuickRig over the last few months to try to get guys a solid and heavy duty replacement. The new Golden Eye hooks use the same quality stainless steel as the rest of their hooks which are also hand made in Japan, which is a big improvement over the tin alloy hooks used on the DTX’s and other hooks like it. There are plenty of inline hooks out there from Owner, Eagle Claw, VMC and BKK but none of them can match the durability and quality of a heavy gauge stainless steel hook, these hooks are guaranteed to last a lot longer than your lures letting you save money in the long run on replacements. They all use a round polished barb which is a lot better than a rough wedge shape that Mustad likes to use on the 7691’s, it allows for better penetration and a more durable point.

Currently we have just received the 9/0 size & 11/0, with the 7/0 and 13/0 sizes coming in soon. These will be all you need to cover any size DTX lure or any other lure using lower quality hooks.

9/0 Size: This size is slightly smaller than the DTX 200 stock hooks, but with a heavier gauge wire it will be a lot stronger. It will also fit the DTX165 and be a bit bigger which is a good thing for the guys trolling them for tuna. Over the last year we’ve seen the 165’s take off in the SoCal market for tuna so it is nice to have a good upgrade path if you’re going for the bigger fish. These will also work perfectly on the larger Halco Max 190’s and 220’s as a replacement for tuna and wahoo. If you’re using any large poppers or stickbaits from Yo-Zuri or Savage Gear I would also consider these for the ~200mm size lures.

NEW Penn Fathom Sizes

Penn decided to put a bigger focus on Slow Pitch Jigging the end of last year with some new sizes of Fathoms which will be sure to do well with the jigging guys. Well priced and offering a lot of performance, they are going to be a hard competitor in many markets. The star drags receive a new 8XN size which is about as small as it gets for conventional reels, these will be great for light line fishing of all kinds, especially lighter live bait setups here. The Fathom lever drags get a new 10XN single speed size and a 15XN two speed size in both left and right hand retrieve. The 10 size will be perfect for a 20-30lb bait rig, or light bottom fishing as well as jigging. The 15XN will be a bit taller and narrower, matching the height of the 25N and 30 but giving you a much narrower size to let you level your line easier. I would definitely pick one of these up if you wanted a versatile reel and one that can get you into slow pitch jigging.

The Fathom II star drags are a redesigned model that came out last year improving on the older style in ease of repair. The new models have a separate plate that lets you service and clean your reels with a bit less issues as the parts are contained in the gear box similar to how Daiwa does it in their Saltiga line. This way you can access the spool and oil the bearings if you need to, and maintain the gears, yoke and any of the other parts. The sizing has stayed the same as the older generation with the addition of a couple of different models. The 8XN adds a smaller narrower size which can be versatile for lighter line and jigging, and the 15SDCS which adds a better long distance casting size for guys who need it. The 15SDCS has a lot more magnet travel which lets you tune and dial in your reel for the exact size of lure or bait you’re throwing allowing for a hands free cast.</p.

The Fathom lever drags have been on the market for a while now, being one of the first budget friendly yet durable reels they have done well in all kinds of applications. They have the exact same design as the Penn Torque series while missing a few bearings and downgrading to a cast aluminum frame for half the price of a Torque. They have excellent drags, giving you some of the highest drag ratings on the market in each size. And more importantly they can comfortably handle this extra drag due to the inclusion of a thrust bearing on the spool preventing handle bind when fishing higher drag loads. The gears are all drilled through to give you weight savings and all reels are generously greased out of the factory with Penn’s own reel grease. At the price they are very hard to beat and with the new sizes they now cover almost all market segments for lever drags.

NEW Penn Low Profile Reels

The new low profile reels from Penn are a great addition to their wide catalog of products. Since both Penn and Abu Garcia are owned by the same company, Penn had some help in designing their reels to be ready for salt water and heavy duty use. The Fathom comes in all of the popular sizes: 200, 300 and 400 with plenty of drag across the board for anything you’d be using the reels for. Fathoms feature a dual cast control system, you can adjust the magnetic cast control with the knob on the side and pop the sideplate off to adjust the centrifugal weight system. The combination of both gives you a ton of flexibility and lets you adjust the reel to cast any kind of lure with ease, with a potential for thumbless long distance casting. Another key feature that separates these from the Squall’s is the worm gear levelwind mechanism, all of the Fathoms have a brass gear which will make it much more durable and long lasting than the aluminum counterpart.

The new low profile reels from Penn are a great addition to their wide catalog of products. Since both Penn and Abu Garcia are owned by the same company, Penn had some help in designing their reels to be ready for salt water and heavy duty use. The Squall comes in all of the popular sizes: 200, 300 and 400. The Squall comes with a magnetic cast control system which in practice works very well, allowing you to gain casting distance and reduce the amount of work you’ll need your thumb to do. Squall’s lose a couple of convenience features that the Fathom has, but also bring the price down to well under any other popular baitcasting reel of the equivalent size on the market. If you’re looking for a great baitcaster on a budget then the Squall will be very hard to beat. The larger sizes have a bit less drag than other reels in the same class, but still more than enough for their intended purpose of inshore and light offshore use. The Squall is missing a couple of bearings and has an aluminum worm gear levelwind so it isn’t quite as durable as the Fathom, although at the same price range and even above the competition also features more aluminum.

The 400 size is roughly comparable to all of the popular 400 size casting reels albeit with a marginally smaller spool. The frame of the reel itself is much smaller than the Lexa’s and Komodo’s which make it very comfortable to hold and use, a more ergonomic design that is definitely nice to see. It has right around 20lb of max drag on the Squall and 25 on the Fathom which strangely enough is less than the 300 size although it makes sense since the taller spool of the 400 would artificially decrease drag if they’re using an equivalent drag stack. Either way, no one should be trying to use these for catching big bluefin on 80lb line. These will work great for light offshore and heavy inshore use, and should last better than some of the competition.

The 300 size is a standard in the industry, with every manufacturer making something roughly equivalent. It’s a good size for heavier inshore and freshwater use, but you could definitely use these on some of the trips fishing for bass, barracuda, bonita and so on. The frame design is more open on the 300 than the 400 which will make it very comfortable for casting, and overall the reel feels great in the hand. It feels sturdy enough to handle most everything you can throw at it, with the extra drag it will work great for shallow water tug-of-war fishing. It has enough line capacity of 30lb braid to make it a viable option for use as a light offshore rig, for smaller yellowtail, yellowfin and dorado.

The 200 size is a perfect inshore reel, it has plenty of drag and good enough line capacity to handle most of your bay bass, halibut, calico bass and so on. It will also work well in freshwater throwing jigs, topwater lures and jerk baits. I’d bump up to the 300 size if you’re planning on throwing bigger Alabama rigs or the big trout imitations, but a 200 will handle everything else. It’s a great reel for when you need to cast smaller baits, the extra cast control settings will make it much easier to dial in your cast and get the most distance out of the lightest lures.