9/19/2021 – Weekly Specials

Accurate is switching back to manufacturing straight silver reels in order to catch up on the backlog of orders, all new reels will only be coming in silver with all other colors carrying an upcharge.

We are seeing longer delays for products across the board, most of the overseas manufacturers like Daiwa, Okuma and Penn are running out of stock and are experiencing long delays to get more. Domestic manufacturers are doing their best as well with regulations and slowdowns. Since importers have run out of stock people have been turning to domestic manufacturers to fill the demand, but that has also created a shortage in those products. It seems like the first half of this year will be similar to last year when everyone was caught off guard and sold through stock due to the increased interest in fishing.

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Sergey Smith


Taking the design (somewhat borrowed from UC/GUSA) of the PCH series rods and incorporating appropriate actions and designs for inshore use.  These are exceptional rods for folks fishing calico bass or other bass species in the salt. They’ll do great for a wide range of fish, capable with yellowtail and schoolie tuna, too.  These new rods feature cork split grips, Fuji Tangle Free K guides, hook keeper and carbon construction.  There are four rods, at this point, in the series. Two 7 1/2 footers (12-25#) and two 8 foot rods (20-40).

The Okuma PCH Custom Series Inshore Rods are the latest addition to a deep lineup of saltwater rods designed specifically for hardcore anglers.  The PCH Custom Inshore Rods were designed with the SoCal Calico Bass fisherman in mind.  Utilizing the latest in advanced technologies, these rods were built for the extreme conditions that the inshore fisherman face.

The PCH Custom Series Inshore Rods were designed with the latest technology and insight from leading inshore and tournament anglers from up and down the California coast.  The backbone to the PCH Custom Rods Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement technology. This process blends unidirectional fiber over 24-ton carbon in the extended tip section of the rod to increase lifting strength and power by as much as 400%.  This technology provides for the ultimate in strength without sacrificing sensitivity so that you can feel even the lightest of bites.

The PCH Custom Series Inshore Rod lineup applies the UFR blank technology to six key models.  Two 7-foot 6-inch casting models include Medium and Heavy actions.  Two 8-foot casting models and two 8-foot spinning models come in Medium Heavy and Heavy actions.

The component system on the PCH Custom Series Inshore Rods are all top notch featuring Fuji K-guides with Alconite inserts on the Medium, Medium Heavy, and Heavy models.  All models also feature premium Fuji reel seats.  All models feature custom cork and TPE grip configuration for comfort and durability.  All PCH Custom Rods also have an ALPS non-skid rubber butt cap to reduce deck slide.


The new Tatula 300 deviates from the rest of the family of freshwater reels with a much larger and much more corrosion resistant design. This will be the first 300 size reel to feature Daiwa’s improved TWS level-wind guide system which greatly improves castability and how evenly the line is leveled on the reel. When in freespool the line guide is wide which allows the line to move side to side with little to no friction as opposed to a traditional design. When you put the reel back in gear the guide narrows down to a point which lets it wind the line on a lot more accurately. Just like the Lexa HD’s this reel comes with improved CRBB bearings which improve durability in saltwater by a huge margin. Speaking of the Lexa HD, the 300 size spool on the Tatula is actually the same height as the 400 size Lexa, which is quite different from all of the other 300 size reels Daiwa makes. Instead of being shorter and wider, the Tatula has a taller and narrower spool which makes everything from casting to cranking better. It allows you to get a higher retrieve and more line off the reel per turn of the spool when you cast meaning your spool doesn’t have to turn as fast to get the same distance.



Tady decided to come out with their own pre-rigged versions of the TSP Tuna jigs, opting to use 4 large single hooks with a ball bearing swivel for each. The jigs are through-wired so you won’t have to worry about breaking them on a big fish, especially since these rigged versions come with welded rings throughout. Overall these are a great jig targeted specifically for the SoCal market Bluefin fishing, so if you’re targeting the bigger tuna these will be your best option. Considering how many swivels and rings were added to the jig they’re a good value, especially if you get a fish of a lifetime on one. The leader is 200lb mono which is plenty good for abrasion resistance and won’t impact the bite since you’ll be fishing these at night.

The new Tuna versions of the Tady TSP jigs are a much needed change in the jig market, the unique front and rear shape create a wide sweeping action when jigged and an erratic fall on the drop. These are a new design made with shorter and heavier sizes than the standard TSP jigs from Tady, specifically targeted for the big bluefin due to the extra weight and depth they can be used at. Since these are slow pitch jigs you can also use more specialized lighter tackle to really give a great action to the jigs, but they are still usable on bigger heavier reels for a quick drop and retrieve in-fact we encourage you to use them that way for the bigger bluefin. If you are lucky enough to have a nice Slow Pitch setup you can use these for many different species at a variety of current conditions, since they are a bit shorter than the original TSP’s they will work better on a drift or in higher current especially with the added weights.

All of the jigs come in classic holographic bait patterns with a brighter yellow pattern to attract fish in warmer water. Each jig has a patterned glow finish on the back to ensure that they are usable at night and at large depths, the last few years glow jigs have been especially popular for night time and gray light tuna fishing since they get down to the right depth and are easily noticeable by the fish.



At the request of many of our clients, we’ve added Momoi to our stable of great fishing products. In truth, it took me quite a while to confirm why we needed to add this manufacturer’s product to our mix. Ande had been around a long time, makes a good line. Berkley is well established.  P-Line makes a great product, tough, limited stretch with great casting capabilities. And, Izor…well it’s the most thought of and most highly recommended line for long range fishing in the world. It’s low stretch, high abrasion resistance and understated/conservative test ratings make it the line of choice in that style of fishing. But, folks asked us for Momoi. So, I did my own homework and honestly liked what I found. They have several well considered versions of mono in their line, including I.G.F.A.  But, first off I was keenly interested in bringing in their Diamond Nylon Mono and their Spectra/Braided line.

Momoi’s Diamond line is indeed tough and conservatively rated like Izor’s. But, it’s a little softer and thinner. Those two qualities alone made it worth the investment. Momoi’s Diamond mono has earned high marks for superior abrasion resistance under extreme fishing conditions. This formulation of their line offers tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests. As a result, knot strength is excellent – and that’s often where other lines fall short. Momoi’s Diamond line is available in an ivory clear, offshore blue and hi-vis yellow. It reminds me of Izor’s line, but it’s a bit thinner in diameter.



The Ahi Live Deception Flash jigs are an improvement over the original Live Deception lures. With the addition of the extra reflective coating, these lures do more to imitate the reflective scales of baitfish. They range in size from 1/2 to 4 ounces which gives you many options in different applications. The larger 1-4 oz jigs will work great on the slide or as a casting lure for the pelagic offshore fishing we have in SoCal, we’ve seen a ton of guys using these for the bluefin, yellowfin and yellowtail when the bait is small. They’re easy to cast when the smaller live bait won’t swim.

A through-wire construction of the body prevents any problems with pulling the rings or breaking baits which is a must if you’re fishing for the bluefin especially. We’ve seen some big fish come on these lures so we know how durable they are. If you’re going to use them for the bigger fish you should take the split ring off to ensure it doesn’t open up on a long fight for everything else it will work well. The colors available are Sardine, Anchovy, Blue & Green Mack in all sizes, so they will match well with bait almost anywhere in the world.



The Project X is a new concept hybrid rod, featuring a 1 piece design which aids in the versatility and action that it can impart on jigs. These rods are made to fish both Slow Pitch and High Speed jigging techniques with slightly different jig ratings for both. The tip is light and sensitive enough for a moderate and slow bend with little movement to be perfect for a slow pitch retrieve, while the backbone and tapered bend will allow for you to fish a fast paced high speed jigging retrieve. All of the rods are 6 feet long to give you the best in-between range, the most traditional SPJ length which gives you enough to work a jig given the light tip. While also being short enough for a high speed retrieve when fishing the traditional speed jigging technique. These rods are all spiral wrapped which makes them perfect for either scenario, but makes speed jigging especially comfortable since leveling the line is no longer a concern.

From the Manufacturer:

PROJECT X is a new concept, designed to function both as a Slow Pitch rod as well as a Speed Jigging rod depending on what the situation demands. Sharing attributes of the legendary Gravitate, Project X can be used in many different conditions. Engineered with a sensitive tip to provide the pure slow pitch experience, and also with backbone and power for the fast rhythmic movement of speed jigging. Incorporated in the design is Temple Reef’s Direct Sensory System™ (DSS) that takes sensitivity to a new level. Extremely light weight at 4.5oz, Project X is the quintessence of high performance rods.




Underspin heads have been very popular the last few years and this is Mustad’s entry into that market. They come in a good variety of colors and sizes which should cover almost all inshore or freshwater applications. The underspin action looks great in the water with the inclusion of the ball bearing swivel, you don’t have to crank it in fast to get the blade turning. Pair these up with some Big Hammer swimbaits and you’ll have a great inshore combo. They have an integrated bait keeper so your swimbaits won’t slide off easily though it makes it a bit harder to pull the baits off, if you add some scent you’ll have everything you need for SoCal inshore fishing.


Penn’s newest International reels were first shown at ICAST 2017.  Penn’s new line does indeed represent a significant improvement over what they’ve been supplying in the past. The VISX models compete with the top echelon of long range oriented reels.

The older generation reels were excellent for what they were intended to do, trolling duty. But, at the rail there were other large game reels which killed them. Penn could not compete, that was clearly indicated by folks targeting cow sized tuna on the long range fleet.  Avet’s Pro series set the standard back in 2005 and they’ve kept improving.  And, for those wanting to fish the USA standard – Penn – Cal Sheets got a fair amount of business improving and enhancing those tanks. Then came Okuma’s Makaira series, as we were first to announce, the Makaira series reels were game changers for the industry. That was proven fact. Penn went back to the drawing board, hard, and I will suggest copied several design aspects of the Makaira design (pull vs push, silent dogs…).  That’s easily confirmed by anyone who does a side by side comparison and pushes the lever and turns the handle. The guys at Penn spent their time well, the new VISX series in the International line-up stand on their own, they are excellent reels.

For long range style fishing, comparing top notch gear, Penn now can compete with Okuma Makairas, Avet Pro series, Accurate ATD’s. Penn is back in the game big time with their VISX series. The VISW’s are also a nice improvement over previous generations of wide trolling oriented reels. Internationals now compete very well with the best of long range reels. Thankfully, Penn International Series reels are still made in the USA.

The PENN International VI series is designed and manufactured in the USA of domestic and imported components. Precision machined from high-strength, lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum in our Philadelphia machining center. Our experienced crew has been designing and producing durable, high-quality reels in this facility since 1932.  The VI consists of a large stainless steel gear train for strength and speed, and a Dura-Drag system which results in a smoother start up and virtually eliminates hesitation, even under extreme drag settings.



The new Saltist MQ’s are a great addition to Daiwa’s lineup of reel. They slot right in between the Saltist and Certate SW giving people more of a price range when shopping around for a spinner. These are available in the most variety of sizes out of any other Daiwa reel making them the perfect reel for anything from ultralight surf fishing to using big poppers for 200lb tuna. They have retained some of the key features from the original Saltist and upgraded it with the latest technology Daiwa offers. The new MQ frame design is a big step forward in reliability and weight reduction, the frame is one piece and there’s a lot less places for water intrusion making these a lot more saltwater resistant. The next big upgrade from this comes in the form of a larger main gear, they can stuff a much bigger gear size which makes these more powerful and more reliable on top of that they use the better machined aluminum gear material as opposed to a cast alloy on the original Saltists. Another feature making its way down to the Saltist from their higher end models is the carbon fiber Zaion rotor which it shares with the Certate SW and the last generation Saltiga lineup. This not only makes the rotor lighter but also significantly stronger than the one used on the current Saltist.

Overall these are a great higher end alternative that lets you get the higher end features without spending $1000. The extra variety of sizes makes these great for any application and style of fishing, you can have a set of different reels for many different styles of fishing from fresh to saltwater.