05/15/2022 – Weekly Specials

Lots of smaller bluefin biting down south right now, bring your 25, 30 & 40lb bait outfits as well as smaller jigs in the 30-130g range for casting and 100-200g for jigging. Most of the boats are limiting out but there are still good chances to find decent size tuna in the 80lb class and always an opportunity to get a bigger grade fish at night. Smaller hooks in the #2 – 1/0 range have been working just fine, the bait has been reasonably healthy compared to previous years.

Big fish have started to bite as of last week, a lot of action on the troll and jigs.

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Sergey Smith


Okuma introduced the Alijos series of reels in 2020, with first models arriving early March, after a rocky release they have gone back to the drawing board to improve the reels for heavy duty applications.  Every size now features a thrust bearing which will improve the performance of the reel under heavy drag load without reducing the freespool. This series replaces the Andros line, which were very capable reels. They became the casting/jigging version of Makaira series reels. Call them Makaira light, many similar features and benefits in a more compact, lighter bodied reel. The Alijos are lighter than a Mak, easier for most to cast, with a cast control operating mechanically thru the drag system rather than by way of magnetic system.  The Alijos reels to not offer helical cut gears like the Andros and Makaira series, these make use of spur cut gears, simpler production, less concern about sideload pressure. The new Alijos series reels offer high drag capability, super freespool performance, housed in a strong machined aluminum body.  Okuma makes use of their dual force drag system, smoothness of operation is ensured throughout the drag’s range.  For the Alijos series, Okuma made use of an extended handle arm with large T-Bar type handle for optimum power.  CRC (corrosion resistant coating) helps minimize saltwater damage to the reel’s finish, and 6 HPB corrosion resistant bearings are used in this series of reels. The Alijos series carries a 3 year warranty, that’s 2 years beyond most manufacturers. That says something in and of itself.

Checking out the reels, it’s obvious that they spin well and that this manufacturer is listening to us astutely.  Okuma again makes use of the TSI 301 bearing oil and Cal’s drag grease, for exceptional casting and smooth braking.  Handling the reels, you quickly note that these are well designed for long term use in a harsh saltwater world.  Note the drainage ports, 2 on the gear housing, three on the frame so you have nice drainage regardless of the reel’s orientation – whether on a rod or not.  This may seem like a small thing, but it’s something so many manufacturers neglect.  There are two narrow versions are offered, the little 5N and 12NS.  There are two high speed models in the line for those working iron and jigs @ 6.4:1.



The Twitch Reaper Offshore is an evolutionary product for Savage Gear, they’ve made smaller sizes of these for the inshore and freshwater market but these larger offshore sizes should be perfect for heavy saltwater use. They weigh in at 4.5 oz for the fast sink and 4 oz for the slow sink so they’ll be very easy to cast far, giving you more time in the water to attract pelagic fish. As with any twitch bait lure you’ll want to try varying actions and techniques to narrow down what works best for you. All of these lures come equipped with heavy duty thru-wiring as well as large split rings and probably the highest quality set of treble hooks on the market. The BKK GT Rex trebles are about as good as it gets, not only are they large like other tuna and GT trebles but they are also stainless steel instead of mixed tin like the Owner, Decoy, and Gamakatsu alternatives.

The fast sink will be nice for suspended fish, the action can draw them up as the lure works its way down to the right depth. The slow sink will be nicer for the surface bite and for when the fish aren’t too deep. The twitching action isn’t the only way to draw them in, even with a slow and steady retrieve the lures have a lot of action giving the wide body design. Many of the colors feature a glow belly so even at depth the fish will be able to see them, this also opens up nighttime fishing here in SoCal as well as the oil rig fishing in the Gulf.


Yo-Zuri’s Bonita lures have had some changes over the years, all positive steps in the lure’s development. The current series posted here now represents their best efforts, and recognizes that pricing is an important consideration just as is the build quality, rigging and overall construction of lures like this. Knowing that the target species is wahoo, a fish with an incredible bite and razor sharp teeth, Yo-Zuri improved the materials used several years back. The new material is harder than most such lures  (Power Body). In the past Bonitas and Marauders were made with compressed foam which was prone to degradation with use. These lures are thru wired for strength and security, and they feature ball bearing stainless steel swivels to the hooks – which are also flat forged stainless steel. The color change technology which Yo-Zuri introduced in 2012 is maintained, only for the top of the lure. That feature has no real world appeal to fish in my humble estimation, but it’s trick to see. That was a huge talking point with the prior generation, now it’s downplayed – and that makes some sense since I’ve never noticed a wahoo approach the bait at 10 knots from two different directions before making it’s mind up about eating a bait or lure. There was little if any benefit from the feature other than adding cost, so it’s basically gone. Additionally, the ribbing which had to be incorporated made the lure’s body rough, not smooth. For best hooksets some feel that the more slippery body allowed the lure to slide through the ‘hoo’s mouth allowing for a better hook up rate. I’d tend to agree with that thinking. Rigging is done correctly, with quality components, material used for the lure’s body is also top notch. And, for the new lures, pricing is far more aggressive with costs of $29-39 rather than $55! The 2016 Bonita lures are just what we like to see, nice quality, good materials, and they are very well priced.



Penn has finally created a dedicated rod series that will fit right in on the west coast, everything from light anchovy flylining for albacore up north to rail fishing for 300lb+ bluefin out of San Diego. These rods don’t break the bank but manage to pack in a lot of performance, from the blank construction down to the choice of guide set or reel seat these things are perfectly balanced for the style of fishing we specialize in. The rods feel comfortable and have a nice bend to them, I would mainly stick to the middle ratings on all of the rods since some of the broad ranges can be a bit optimistic, a rod that fishes 30lb well will not fish 80lb well also. So far all of the rods we’ve felt have a light tip with a bit of bend followed by a decisive shutoff making them feel reminiscent of Calstar Grafighters, they are a bit thicker than some of the other imported rods we’ve seen but that won’t affect the fighting performance too much.

The lighter rods feature Fuji KW silicon carbide insert guides which are top of the line for the stainless guides in their respective line ratings, they also choose to go with Fuji DSPM graphite reel seats to save weight while still providing plenty of strength. The next step up once you get to the 30-60lb line classes you have an upgraded Fuji DPSH heavy duty graphite seat which is great for the mid range line classes before an aluminum reel seat is needed. And finally on the classes meant for fishing 60lb+ you’ll get a Seaguide Aluminum reel seat which provides all of the durability you’d need in the heavier tests. The heavier rods also feature Fuji HB guide frames which are as strong as a ring guide can get, these also feature the SiC inserts which are a further upgrade. The 40-100lb and 30-80lb rods feature a gimbal, while the others do not since they aren’t needed for the lighter class rods and the same goes for the rail series.

These are probably the most exciting and relevant rod release Penn has had in many years, at least for our market. Big thanks to Steve Carson who did an amazing job helping develop this series to make sure it is right for our market, everything from the model choice to the components and finally to the fine tuning of each model to suit our needs. These rods have undergone a lot of testing and use in our market so they should be a good addition to the arsenal of any angler.


A pretty unique lure from an Australian manufacturer, these Sling Shots have a great surface action and will work perfectly for our market. Ironically we send a ton of Salas and Tady surface irons to the Australian market so it makes sense that they come out with a similar product tailored to the surface bite. These jigs have a faster and more consistent kick than most surface irons out there, and they eliminate any of the spin or twist that some irons have giving you a more life like presentations. They cast amazing due to the smaller size and can even sink out if you’ve got some time due to the smaller volume but even with a slow retrieve they’ll kick right up to the surface.

The colors of these jigs are the real treat, they’re flashy and reflective in a way that most of the holographic irons can’t match. They’ll match all of our favorite colors and bait to kill just about any pelagic species of fish. All of these jigs also come with stronger 4X trebles so you won’t have to worry about your hooks for a while, and when you do decide to switch them out they’ve got a split ring to make swapping out a lot easier.

From the Manufacturer: Ocean’s Legacy SlingShot surface irons are designed with a stainless steel wire-thru design moulded in zinc alloy. Zinc alloy allows or longer shimmering flutter action on the fall compared to other materials. All SlingShot surface irons have been chrome anodised with UV resin paints along with Japanese foils to provide extra shine. The SlingShot surface irons carry 3 glow ridges on the belly to entice fish and increase hit rates.

Ocean Legacy SlingShot surface irons can be used for landbased or boat casting for spanish/king mackeral, tune, yellowtail kings, bluefish/tailor,  herring, trevally and many other species.


First off, the FURY Series offers serious anglers Accurate performance at a VERY COMPETITIVE price point. This is achieved by simplifying design – these are single drag reels rather than twin drag design which is what you get when you upgrade to their Boss and Dauntless series reels. A true dual drag reels is more costly to produce, between Accurate’s patent and the cost, little reason for other folks to attempt the technique. (Avet does have a dual drag series, their TRx reels – but they go for about $800 and do not go about applying pressure in the same manner). The Fury gets the most significant cosmetic improvements for 2015, now they’re polished and their weight has dropped considerably and machining is more refined. The new Fury series will bring many new fishermen to appreciate the quality inherent in Accurate reels. These also get the new AR bearings, no dogs, only the improved bearings for the anti-reverse system. These are beautiful reels that do more than their competitors can in terms of materials used and drag capability. These reels will fish up to 20 lbs of drag measured at strike – meaning they are quite capable of fishing the range of line tests up to 60 lb.. Also, the freespool performance has been upgraded – same enhancement first incorporated in Accurate’s Dauntless design. The new Fury series offers high useable drag levels, they spin like tops and are similar in that respect to Accurates Dauntless series – nothing spins quite as well right out of the box at this point in reel development. The Fury series incorporates high quality manufacturing, very nice cosmetics, and the fishability factor per dollar invested is high. Value does indeed meet performance with the new Fury series reels.


The Nomad Design Jig Wallet is purpose built for rigged and ready storage of jigs with hooks attached and features a unique Hook Mesh storage system to keep your jigs neatly rigged and ready for action. No more messing around with having to attach hooks to your jigs, just connect your jig and fish. It also has the ability to add an Optional Insert Sleeve (sold separately) to double the amount of storage.

Watch the video below on this page to see the full features of the Jig Wallet and Insert Sleeve system

The Jig Wallet features 12 individual Mesh pockets, which can neatly store a minimum of 24 large(320g) jigs in the wallet, or by adding the Velcro Insert Sleeve it doubles your storage capacity to 48+ large jigs, or a total of 24 individual pockets. Each pocket in the sleeve or wallet can also fit up to 4 smaller 80g jigs, so if you had a mixture of large and small jigs it’s easy to have 60-80 jigs neatly stored inside this system. Or if you just wanted to store 80g jigs, you’d get 96 jigs in the total system with the insert sleeve. The optional sleeve can also be used separately as a handy jig or lure storage unit, and with its strong waterproof material and Velcro cover its ready to hold your jigs safe and secure. This jig storage system is built strong for the toughest conditions and it’s designed to perform and last when it matters.


The Tactical Backpack is supported by a ridged non-collapsible frame with a riveted PVC superstructure. The durable framework is cloaked with a robust, double stitched PRIM1 tactical fabric, which also serves up a cool visual factor. Internally, the Tactical Backpack features a 3-utility box stack system, complete with an included trio of Daiwa branded 360 boxes. Throughout, closures are fortified with #10 Delran corrosion resistant zippers.

No lack of intuitive features on the exterior, either. On the frontside, you’ll find a shaped and protective sunglasses case, in addition to a topside booger box that serves as a convenient tray for holding immediate items, like your next couple of lure selections. You’ll appreciate the handy plier holder, too, as well as a secure elastic strip for managing other tools like forceps and hook removers. Two amply sized zippered pouches adorn the sides, while the front features an even larger zippered pocket. The front upper side tenders a zippered cell phone holder as well. But perhaps the most ingenious additive is the leader wheel, which handles two spools of line for instantaneous access.


The SCT series has been around for a little while, serving as their Okuma’s “in-between” rod. Not as pricey as the PCH series but still of high quality with almost all of the same blank features. These are very special model in the SCT range, the only deckhand grip 8ft conventional models they made, the grip is quite unique and may not be for everyone but it is very durable and comfortable to hold and use. The fore and rear grip is made of textured carbon fiber so you’ll have a lot of grip to hold onto the rod, the middle is a softer heat shrink tubing where you will clamp your reel. They give you a bit of range in case you want to move your reel up or down depending on how you like to fish.

We see these as very useful general purpose rods, they come in 15-30lb and a 20-40lb variants and both will fish their range quite well. They are on the faster side but have a light tip to be able to cast bait which makes them perfect for flylining bait, whether you’re fishing in SoCal for yellowtail, yellowfin and bluefin or you’re chasing albacore up north. These rods utilize Fuji KW stainless alconite ring guides which are an industry standard for all kinds of saltwater applications, they don’t come with a gimbal but at this line class you won’t need it.