Boneyard Baits

Boneyard Baits was a much appreciated manufacturer with us for many years, but they went away.  The owner sold the firm, but as happens sometimes, the new owner didn’t take care of business, disappeared from the marketplace.  The old owner got his company back and is back in business. He reached out to me in early 2020 to let us know he was ramping up production of his very unique lures.  For our clients heading up Alaska, these lures are bread and butter.  For those of us targeting deep water rockfish and lingcod, again these are bread and butter for bigger fish.  Will they take other species, sure bet, and that’s not surprising. But, given their size, you won’t be wasting time culling thru the small undersized fish, you’ll be targeting larger fish.

We stock three styles/sizes of lures in four patterns.  We offer glow, root beer, florescent orange holograph, and chartreuse holograph.  The plastic used to make these meaty lures is more durable than most soft lures you’ll come across. They will last longer than most plastics.  Two basic styles, a twin tail 8” Wishbone Grub and two sizes of single tail Bones, 6” Jigger Bone Grub and 11” Big Bone Grubs.