The IMMORTAL Series of Rod Blanks

Jaguar Design engineered the IMMORTAL RX8 line with a host of innovative technology to create a hyper-performance blank that excels in all forms of Bass casting, spinning, popping and Walleye fishing. Second only to our ETERNITY lineup, IMMORTAL blanks boast revolutionary manufacturing processes that include revised RX8 materials and progressive HDSC designs. Meticulously engineered to impress, IMMORTAL blanks are sure to outperform in every category.

• RX8 Graphite Blend
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Light, Strong, and Sensitive
• Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power

• Pinnacle Balance of Ultra-High Modulus
• Extra Fast and Fast Actions
• Stunning Titanium Chrome Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty