Zuker Small Tuna Feathers


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  • Classic & proven design for albacore, yellowfin & bluefin tuna
  • High quality feather & plastic skirt materials
  • Wide variety of popular colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Available with custom rigging options

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Zuker feathers are a premium quality tuna lure. There are feathers and then there are feathers.  These are the prime stuff, very well constructed, and very good producers.  Year after year you’ll hear folks talking about a particular feather, with a different pattern and head color than the run-of-the-mill lure trolled.  To most folks it will look like any other. But, if you have pulled a lot of lures over the years, you’ll quickly appreciate the subtle enhancements and fishing prowess of Zuker’s feathers.  They are excellent tuna lures.

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