Zuker Marlin Lures


  • High quality US made marlin lures
  • Come in 9 different sizes & 8 different colors
  • Durable head construction & tough skirt material
  • Available with several different head shapes
  • Available with custom rigging options
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Fishing big water for billfish?  Here’s a great selection of Zuker’s most successful  designs.  The ZM 1 is a semi-stright running lure, for speeds up to 15 knots.  The ZM 2 has a pusher head producing a large shower and heavy bubbling trail when trolling at 7-10 knots.  The ZM 3 has a cupped swimmer head for use at slower speeds from 6-10 knots.  The ZM 3.5 uses a straight running flat-head design for high speed use, 7-20 knots or heavy seas.  All lures in the ZM1-3.5 class are about 11 inches in length. Looking for something larger?  We also stock the 13 inch ZM 5 and ZM 5.5. These two lures are for the granders, with the ZM5 using a large swimmer head, the 5.5 a flat head straight runner. 

Looking for something larger?  Try the straight running swimmer head ZM 4 for high speed trolling and the ZM 5.5 flat headed straight runner for 7-20 knots or heavy seas. We’re also stocking the BIG ZM 7 (slant swimmer) and 7.5 (straight runner pusher) in all the patterns listed above.  Please select the larger lures using the menu below – quantities can be adjusted after placing the lures in your shopping cart.

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