Yo-Zuri TopKnock Pencil 125mm Lures


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New from Yo-Zuri, these little topwater baits are easy to cast and get bit well. Over this last summer we saw a ton of usage of smaller artificial lures since the bait has been small and weak along with shortages of smaller hooks. Smaller metal jigs and hard plastic baits have been a go-to since they are durable and reliable. The yellowtail, yellowfin, dorado and schoolie bluefin have been all over the artificial so I would definitely pick some of these up to try along the way, they have a nice slow action to mimic bait and can sink out a bit due to the extra internal weight added for casting. They weigh an ounce and measure at 5″ so you can cast them with most bait setups as well as spinning reels.

From the Manufacturer: This new style Pencil has an action unlike any other lure in its class! It sits flat on top of the water instead of the tail pointing down, which makes it incredibly easy to “walk-the-dog”. This allows anglers to use different retrieves and cadences, and in turn catch more fish! The best feature of the TopKnock is the single one-knock cadence rattle. The single rattle is located in the tail, gives off a very loud knock, and also allows the TopKnock to fly tail first cutting through the wind for extreme casting distance when needed! It is equipped with #2 size saltwater grade treble hooks, and Stainless Steel Split Rings.

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