Yo-Zuri Mag Popper Lures

  • Available in 2 sizes & 4 colors
  • Larger head design for better action
  • Better casting distance than other poppers
  • 3X split rings & hooks


These are a newer addition to the Yo-Zuri catalog, featuring an updated design which will work better for general purpose use. Compared to the Yo-Zuri Bull Poppers these are a bit smaller and sleeker making them easier to cast in the comparable smaller sizes. If you’re looking for lures to use for school sized yellowtail and tuna these will be a great addition to your arsenal. Both sizes feature 3X hardware so you won’t have to worry about breaking hooks or rings. The 4 colors we brought in are tailored to the most applications, the sardine and green mack patterns cover all of our bait needs. The bone and purple black color additional use cases such as surf fishing especially in hotter water, or fishing at night.

When the bait is small it is a lot more fun to try your hand at using artificial lures, and the past couple of years we’ve seen a lot of success on surface lures in general. With the right setup you can easily cast these 50 yards off of a boat and have a lot better shot at getting bites than hoping a 4″ sardine will swim away from the boat, while worrying about a #4 hook. If you like a more active style of fishing these will fit right in with the rest of your gear.


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