Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Pink Fluorocarbon Line


  • 100% Fluorocarbon leader material
  • Proprietary formula extruded in our own private factory
  • The “original” disappearing pink leader
  • World record holder for Yellowfin Tuna
  • Superior abrasion resistance and overall strength
  • Available in 15lb – 200lb line tests, 30 yard spools


The folks at Yo-Zuri recently introduced a line of improved fluorocarbon leader. This product is 100% fluorocarbon, and super soft unlike most other fluorocarbon leader products. Yo-Zuri used to handle the U.S.A. distribution of Seaguar, so they’ve been involved with this type of product from day one. For them to come out with their own line they knew they had to improve upon what has been available, and they’ve accomplished that goal. We’ve used this product now for several  season’s time and can agree with the manufacturer’s claims of softness and lack of memory. It gets high marks for abrasion resistance, low stretch, value, and underwater invisibility. Yo-Zuri’s HD Carbon leader is available in pink.

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IDLength (yd)Diameter (in)Diameter (mm)Strength (lbs)
HD 15LB DP300.0130.33115
HD 20LB DP300.0150.38020
HD 25LB DP300.0180.45725
HD 30LB DP300.0190.48830
HD 40LB DP300.0240.60240
HD 50LB DP300.0250.64550
HD 60LB DP300.0290.74760
HD 80LB DP300.0330.84780
HD 100LB DP300.0380.953100
HD 130LB DP300.0431.087130
HD 150LB DP300.0481.215150
HD 200LB DP300.0611.545200