Warbaits Neck Breaker Jig Heads


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  • Available in 1/4 – 3/4 oz sizes
  • Raw silver head color
  • Extra Wide Gap hooks
  • Perfect for fishing grass and kelp


The Warbaits Neck Breaker rig is a gamechanger for structure fishing, it is a perfect way to stay out of snagging weeds and grass while still getting a great action. Unlike belly weight weedless swimbaits, the neck breaker rig lets your swimbait keep all of its action without reducing your casting distance and sinking depth because the head is separate from the hook. You can replace the EWG hooks easily using the split ring in case you want fresh hooks or a different size to match your bait better.

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3/4oz – 3/0 EWG Hook, 1/2oz – 3/0 EWG Hook, 3/8oz – 4/0 EWG Hook, 1/4oz – 5/0 EWG Hook