VMC Black Nickel Inline Hooks


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Here’s a wonderful new product that we’ve been wanting to see, an in-line hook for use in replacing hooks on lures, for instance poppers, Halco &, Rapala lures… A standard style hook puts the ring in the opposite direction of the hook point, great for fishing bait, but for re-rigging a lure it points the hook out in the wrong direction. The new VMC In-Line hooks put the ring where it needs to be so when you re-rig on the split ring the hooks orientation is appropriate for the lure, allowing better tracking. These hooks range in size from 1/0 up to 7/0 sizes and will cover most lures you’ll want to enhance. In the past we’ve used some open eye Mustads for replacement or gone with a ringed hook attached to a split ring to keep the hook orientation correct. Now there’s an option that provides a wide game extra strong forged hook which will prove simpler and probably stronger than what we’ve had to work with in the past. (Pictured left, CB 200mm popper with 7/0 VMC upgrade, Halco 130 Max with 5/0 front and 6/0 trailing hook).

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