Varivas Avani Casting SMP PE x8 Braided Line


  • VARIVAS’s highest-grade, 8-strand braided PE line
  • VARIVAS proprietary SMP coating technology results in twice (2x) the durability and strength as conventional PE line
  • Measurably stronger than all standard VARIVAS Max Power (MAX-PE) 8-strand braided lines
  • Navy and pink marking lines every 25-meters enables easy gauge of casting distance
  • Made in Japan
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Varivas is a leading Japanese line manufacturer and the Casting SMP braid has been a go-to for big GT and tuna anglers across the world. The Super Max Power PE is an evolution in material design and coating technology which allows for a stronger and more durable braided line while maintaining a super thin diameter. Most line in the US is conservative meaning it breaks heavier than rated, this is great for longevity and use but it also decreases the peak performance of your setup. Varivas line gives you better capacity than even the supposed thin lines in the US while also maintaining a reputation for consistency, reliability and longevity.

Casting SMP comes in a gray color to be a bit more stealthy and gives you solid color marks at every 25 meter increment so you can gauge your casting distance or depth.

PE Rating 号/Gou LB Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Length
4 70 lb. 0.013 0.34 300m 400m
5 80 lb. 0.015 0.38 300m 400m
6 90 lb. 0.016 0.42 300m 400m
8 120 lb. 0.019 0.48 300m 400m
10 150 lb. 0.021 0.54 300m 400m
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