Valley Hill Kamiwaza Dual PE Stick Knot Pullers


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  • 135mm x 30mm ~ 5.3″ x 1.2″
  • Anodized Aluminum & Hard Rubber Grip
  • Threaded Insert for Compact Size
  • Made in Japan


9 in stock

Knot pullers are an essential tool for getting the perfect braid to leader knots sinched up, especially when using heavier tests with more complex knots. These are quite a lot bigger than most knot pullers out there, which is great for making sure your leaders aren’t kinked or permanently deformed when tightening up your knots, smaller knot pullers can create a twisted section of leader right next to your knot which is not something you want.

These are especially useful for FG knots where a lot of tension is required to get the right consistency, but can also help with all kinds of knots. The middle piece threads in giving you a more compact carrying size while maximizing usability for this larger size. They use a hard rubber material on the outside to prevent the braid from cutting through too easily, and letting you tighten knots without having a ton of wraps around the pullers.

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