United Composites Challenger Xtreme Bluewater Trolling Rods


  • Dual Helix Composite Blank
  • Hypalon Fore-grip
  • Alps Unibutt/Bentbutt
  • Black on black with red, blue and silver trim
  • AFTCO Heavy Duty Rollers
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The RCX 54’s are a bluewater trolling series meant for a wide variety of species from dorado to bluefin. These rods have much softer bends than the other trolling rods in the UC lineup which also makes them great for standup fishing. For trolling they have a very forgiving bend which will absorb a lot of the shock from headshakes and the initial hookset. These rods are all 5’6″ in length and feature an Alps #2 unibutt either in straight or curved, the original 5’4″ blanks are cut down to size to work with the butt. As always these rods feature UC’s unbeatable dual helix design which gives the blank hoop strength which prevents deformation and ovaling of the blank which is especially with rods that will have more bend. These are glass and graphite composite blanks and since they utilize linear glass you are able to get more lift and performance out of the same diameter and weight blank when compared to traditional manufacturing techniques.

Keep in mind these rods use the AFTCO Heavy Duty rollers so you don’t want to get too big of a reel which would upset the balance and cause issues, the biggest reels that I would recommend would be the 50/50W tier when paired with the 54XOS and certainly smaller reels for  the lighter rod models. The rods are especially great for trolling with more braid and less leader which has grown in popularity recently. The braid doesn’t have much stretch so you need the rod to absorb more of the shock, and a lower drag level would be appropriate when trolling this way. With a long mono topshot you get the stretch from the line itself so you don’t need as much bend and can run a higher drag load when trolling however you lose line capacity and have to use larger reels to compensate.

RCX54 H-UB 5’6″ MODERATE 30-50 1
RCX54 XH-UB 5’6″ MODERATE 50-80 1
RCX54 XO-UB 5’6″ MODERATE 60-130 1
RCX54 XOS-UB 5’6″ MODERATE 130 1
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