UC Challenger Elite Conventional Rods

United Composites

  • Lightest Composite Rods in the UC Line
  • Dual Helix Core Technology
  • Come with EVA, Hypalon or Cork Tape Grips
  • Standard Models Feature Graphite Reel Seats
  • Plus Models Feature Aluminum ALPS Reel Seat & Gimbal
  • ALPS S-6 Stainless Steel Guides
  • Moderate Bend For Great Castability


United Composites produces four primary series of rods, plus specialty series like Rail Rods and Boat Rods. The Challenger Elite series are the most reasonably priced rods in their line. The Elite Composite Series of Dual Helix with uni-directional fiberglass blanks are three ply, dual helix build with carbon fiber and then an additional ply making use of uni-directional fiberglass. The exceptional lift these rods attain is a result of the uni-directional ‘glass (UC is the only firm using this unique fiberglass in their build). Dual Helix construction provides the hoop strength, the ‘glass provides the lift.  Other manufacturers use dual oriented ‘glass to gain hoop strength – at a lesser degree than UC accomplishes.

These rods make use of very good quality braid safe ALPS stainless steel guides, lightweight EVA grips, and composite reel seat. The standard build rods do not have gimbals, if desired you can select the C version Challenger Elite rods with metal ALPS seat and gimbal and hypalon grips for $40 upcharge as described below.

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RCE700 XL7’0”MOD-FAST12-2511/2-1 1/2
RCE700 L7’0”MOD-FAST15-3011-2
RCE700 M7’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-3
RCE700 H7’0”MOD-FAST30-5011-5
RCE700 XH7’0”MOD-FAST40-6013-6
RCE700 XXH7’0”MOD-FAST50-8013-8
RCE800 XF8’0”MOD-FAST15-2511/2-1 1/2
RCE800 MAG8’0”MODERATE20-3011/2-2 1/2
RCE800 MEGA8’0”MODERATE25-4013/4-3
RCE800 MONSTER8’0″MOD-FAST30-5011-5
RCE800 WAHOO8’0″MOD-FAST40-6011-8
RCE800 DEL MAR8’0″FAST30-6011-8
RCE900 XF9’0”MOD-FAST15-2511/2-1 1/2
RCE900 MAG9’0”MODERATE20-3011/2-1 1/2
RCE900 MEGA9’0”MODERATE25-4013/4-3
RCE900 MONSTER9’0”MOD-FAST30-5011-5
RCE900 WAHOO9’0”MOD-FAST40-6011-8
RCE900 DEL MAR9’0”FAST30-6011-8
RCE1000 XF10’0”MOD-FAST15-2511/2-1 1/2
RCE1000 MAG10’0”MODERATE20-3011/2-1 1/2
RCE1000 MEGA10’0”MODERATE25-4013/4-3
RCE1000 MONSTER10’0”MOD-FAST30-5011-5
RCE1000 WAHOO10’0”MOD-FAST40-6011-8
RCE1000 DEL MAR10’0”FAST30-6011-8