Triple Fish Monofilament Line

Triple Fish

  • Dependable multi-purpose line for both fresh and saltwater
  • High knot strength and good abrasion resistance
  • Perfect for casting, bottom fishing or trolling.
  • Comes in Pink or Camo colors
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Line sizes from 15lb to 125lb


An old name returns. Filkemp S.A. a world leader in monofilament and fluorocarbon production and technology based in Portugal, is now the owner of the registered trademark Triple Fish. They appointed AFW exclusive worldwide distribution rights to Triple Fish in May 2015, announcing the return of the Triple Fish name to fishermen worldwide.  These European produced lines are aggressively priced and a terrific value to fishermen. The line is available in pink, clear and a unique camo colored line. For now we at CharkBait brought in the pink and camo lines. Two good reasons for this, I like both of these options a lot. I’m a big believer of the camo coloring process, have used the parent firms Quattro Fluorocarbon leader now for many years, and it’s my go to FL line. I fish this line rather than others, such as Seaguar’s very good product. Reason, I have more confidence in the line and it’s priced better. I get bit well on the line, otherwise I wouldn’t buy it regardless of cost. But, I’m convinced that the unique multi-color tint aids in reduced visibility during bright days. The camo mono offers similar benefit, the line does not act like a fiber optic cable transmitting bright sunlight through the line at increased visibility. Others can come to their own conclusions, but I think you’ll find agreement if you fish their FL lines and there’s no doubt the process is beneficial for mono just as it is for fluorocarbon. In terms of the pink line, there aren’t too many out there, Ande is best known. but, Ande has been increasing costs over the past years and there are supply chain issues with the product. Triple Fish offers a good pink (SALMON) tint, and for some anglers pink is a preferred color. I well know the albacore guys love the pink, and there’s no better value line out there than Triple Fish’s offering.



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Line Test (lb)Line Test (kg)Diameter (in)Diameter (mm)Length (yards)Spool Size
15 lb6.8 kg0.016 in0.40 mm6880 yd2 lb
20 lb9.1 kg0.018 in0.45 mm5280 yd2 lb
25 lb11.3 kg0.020 in0.50 mm4280 yd2 lb
30 lb13.6 kg0.022 in0.55 mm3520 yd2 lb
40 lb18.1 kg0.024 in0.60 mm2960 yd2 lb
50 lb22.7 kg0.028 in0.70 mm2120 yd2 lb
60 lb27.2 kg0.031 in0.80 mm1680 yd2 lb
80 lb36.2 kg0.035 in0.90 mm1320 yd2 lb
100 lb45.3 kg0.039 in1.00 mm1070 yd2 lb
125 lb56.7 kg0.047 in1.20 mm740 yd2 lb