Toro Tamer Wounded Swimmer Lures


  • Hot casting lures for the wahoo & tuna
  • Available in the best bait & bright wahoo colors
  • Rigged with heavy rings, ball bearing swivel & strong hook
  • Durable design, with thick clear-coat to prevent damage
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The new version of our popular Wounded Swimmer is into it’s second generation. This lure was based upon an old SPRO design which was discontinued a few years back. Then, it was a general purpose lure, mostly popular in the smaller sizes. But, upon it being discontinued we made a large purchase and one of our clients discovered it’s strength as a wahoo lure. Based upon his experience (goes by the nickname Planet, a PhD-type teaching and researching at a CA university between fishing trips), we brought the piece back as a CharkBait lure a couple years ago in two large sizes and it did very, very well for wahoo, yellowfin tuna and yellowtail (among other species). It did extraordinarily well for the “skins.” (note the image right, a nice wahoo from our 2014 RRIII charter – lure still in the ‘skins mouth)

In this update we’ve continued with the improvements made before, and added something for the guys targeting larger, harder pulling fish like tuna and wahoo. Now the lures have a ball bearing swivel as the attachment point for the hook, and we’ve added an oversized welded ring at the nose instead of the split ring for even better action from the lure. Both improvements will provide anglers with a better performance, and our thru wire construction and less brittle body (than the old SPRO) means the lure can survive longer in the real world encounters with a hard gelcoat on a boat without catastrophic cracking. It can happen, but it takes far more punishment than the old SPRO did, and we’ve made it a better lure for catching wahoo and tuna.

Yep, we made a better mousetrap – make that fish trap.  We have made the lures five productive colors, two sizes, 150 and 100 gram weights, 6 1/4 & 5 1/2 inches respectively. They have a very nice curve which provides some added action on the retrieve, and upon the drop mimics a stunned bait as it drops in a flutter. The lures are exceptional, and all the colors are excellent in attracting attention from the targeted species. The big eyes also add to their realistic appearance and attention getting, fish attracting performance. These are some of the best wahoo and tuna lures you’ll find. They can be fished on the slide as well as cast and retrieve mode. The price went up a tad from the earlier production, but the value is in the upgrade lures without a doubt. Both the new hook, welded ring and swivel will make these lures even better than their predecessor, and those were darn good lures with lots of fish to their credit.

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