Toro Tamer Surf Explorer 9′ Conventional Baitcasting Travel Rods

Toro Tamer

  • 9 ft length with 4 pieces
  • Comes with a rigid carrying case that is 30″ for airplane travel
  • 28″ individual piece length
  • Available in 8-12lb, 15-20lb, 15-25lb & 25-30lb line classes

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Our Surf Explorer has been updated for 2013 with introduction of a new heavier 30-50# class rod. This is in addition to the  updated 8-12#, 15-20# and 25-30# class for both spinning and conventional reel use. These are very light and rather exotic travel rods designed for surf fishing enthusiasts. Certainly it has additional applications, but it’s made for walking the beach and opportunistic fishing. The rod is a four piece design, using the European Spigot ferrule connections. It’s 2.7 meters in length, almost 9 feet, and now comes in a hard case for safe transport and storage. The rod can handle lure weights of 20-100 grams. It’s graphite and fiberglass constructed for lightness, sensitivity and long term use. The guides are lightweight, but capable of handling Spectra lines. The handle section is a bit long, in keeping with it’s intended application, and you can adjust the positioning of your reel to optimize balance – easily moving the reel forward or back on the rod on the spinning rods. The conventional rods feature a trigger grip – these do not allow the adjustment feature. The Surf Explorer rods have a parabolic action allowing them to fish lighter and heavier and still “feel” right, and now you have more choices for the test being fished with the additional light and medium action rods.

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Lure weights and line weights: The rods are made to load up best when used as intended. They are light finesse type rods, not heavy surf rods. Their bend is fairly parabolic, do just fine with braided lines or mono. Each model is designed to fish their intended line test – and this really should be specified in terms of drag load, that’s a more meaningful specification and predicts the bend of the rod better. So, plan to set your drag at 25-30% of the line test intended for the rod and you will enjoy the benefits of a properly tuned rod/reel match. Lure weight varies by model, the lightest rod matching up with lure weights of 1 ounce and under. The 15-20 does very well up to 1.5 ounces, can push 2. The 25-30 is quite comfortable fishing 3/4 to 3 ounces, with 1-2 being a very nice range. For the 30-50 1.5 to 4 ounces is a good range. That model can do a bit higher but you should note how it’s loading up on your casts and adjust accordingly. These rods do best with someone who has some experience and they travel very, very well. They are not intended as boat rods, they are inshore surf rods, and in that arena they represent some of the best rods ever produced.

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