Toro Tamer Slash Jigs


  • Rigged with heavy duty hooks & ball bearing swivel for big tuna
  • Large sizes up to 400 gm perfect for the bigger bluefin and bottom fish
  • Proven design that has caught hundreds of bluefin over 100 lbs
  • Glow stick slot for night time & deep fishing
  • Anchovy, sardine, green mack and wahoo patterns
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Slash jigs can be fished a couple ways, for great effect. For our long range fishermen, it’s a GREAT wahoo lure in the two smaller sizes of 100 and 150 gm. For deepwater enthusiasts it’s a deep water tuna jig with excellent action on the drop and wind, with the 300 and 400 sizes being the lure of choice for the larger grade bluefin and yellowfin tuna which tend to hold deeper than the schoolie fish. The lure’s casts great and they are rigged properly with a higher quality single hook and a ball bearing swivel (ours even points the right way…) attached with welded rings. Colors and finish are top quality. While it will bring in wahoo when they are around, don’t be afraid to jig it for tuna and yellowtail. If your fishing trip heads to Alijos you’ve got a great wahoo lure, but if it shifts gears and moves to Cedros fine, you’ve got the right lure for yellowtail. If instead you hit the banks for rockfish, you’ve still got an effective lure on your hands. The two smaller sized lures work great on the “slide” as an enticement to other school fish following a troll strike. One lure, fits a few applications, and a few different styles of fishing.

This versatile lure can be fished several ways, cast and retrieve, vertical yo-yo style jigging, and speed jigging. There is a very slight curve to the lure, allowing a bit more action on the drop and as the lure is bounced up. This can be accentuated by the angler easily, and it’s not a bad call on the two smaller sizes, though not something I recommend on the two largest sized slash lures. It’s important to keep a good contact on the lure if you’re fishing yo-yo style for a couple reasons. First, you won’t know you’ve been bitten unless you’ve got contact with the lure, secondly the lure can foul itself on the two larger sized Slash lures – those with the receiver for use with small lightsticks. if you don’t offer some control of its accent or descent when not using a light stick the lure’s hook can enter the cavity. It’s not common, but it can be done if you do not have some control of the lure’s very fast decent to depth.

Based upon client feedback, we’ve expanded this series of lures back in 2012. We have two new LARGE size jigs to add to the assortment. The new 300 and 400 gram sizes are perfect for dealing with better grade tuna when they’re holding deep. Of course they’ll also do a number on yellowtail and wahoo if you need to go down to get ’em. Given the deeper water application, we’ve added our Illuminata feature, the new LARGE size jigs have a recess for use of a 4.5mm light stick. Go deep, get noticed and get bit!

The 300 and 400 gm size Slash lures turned out to be THE best lure for larger grade bluefin in 2014. There was no better lure, and as the guys on the Red Rooster III told folks heading out last summer, “Don’t get on the boat without some.” They proved their worth as the images below testify. The two smaller weight versions of the jig also performed very well as a cast and retrieve lure, or fished on the slide for schoolie tuna. It’s been more often fished as a casting lure for wahoo, but the tuna take ’em too.

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