Toro Tamer Rigging Needle Kits


Convenient kits to get you started in the world of inline rigging. Whether you’re working with light, heavy, or all tests we have the kit for you, each kit has a set of threading needles for the appropriate line tests it covers as well as a loop and a latch needle to let you create loops and splice braid together as well as anything else you could think of. They come at an affordable price, with a big discount compared to the DaHo Needles as well as having better quality points for splicing through tight braid.

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Complementing their excellent hollow braided lines Toro Tamer also offers a range of tools and ancillary products necessary to maximize the hollow braid’s unique benefits. For 2015 Toro Tamer introduced a new line of rigging needles of their own design. Currently we offer three kits as well as individual needle sales. We offer a 16, 9 and 7 needle kits. There are nine sizes of threading needle produced, 20/30/40/50/60/80/100/130/150 and 200#. We produce three sizes of latch needles and three sizes of loop needles. Our needle kits are offered in a light to medium pack, 20/30/40/50/ and 60# size threading needles, a small latch and small loop needle. The Medium/Heavy kit includes 80/100/130/150 and 200# threading needles, medium and large loop and latch needles. The complete kit includes all 16 needles and carries a suggested retail price of $120, the Medium/Heavy kit sell at $70 and the Light/Medium kit run $60. Toro Tamer brings the cost of inline rigging down to earth. And, with the ease of use of our braided lines, now all anglers can enjoy the benefits of knotless connections – true 100% connection strength with no knots, no casting interference as your line effortlessly flows through the rod’s guides.

Toro Tamer Rigging Needle Set -Complete Kit 16 Needles
20/30/40/50/60/80/100/130/150/200# threading needles, small, medium and large loop and small, medium and large latch needles
Toro Tamer Rigging Needle Set – Medium to Heavy 9 Needles
80/100/130/150/200# threading needles, medium and large loop and medium and large latch needles
Toro Tamer Rigging Needle Set – Light to Medium 7 Needles
20/30/40/50/60# size threading needles, small loop and small latch needle
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