Toro Tamer Pearl White Bucktails


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Bucktail jigs are workhorses, productive for a wide variety of fish, and successfully fished in a few different styles. They can be used cast and retrieve and vertically. They can be dragged along the bottom, they can be used with a slab from fresh cut bait, with a curly tail grub, bottom line they are flexible producers of gamefish. Over the past 15 years we’ve stocked some wonderful bucktails from several manufacturers, SPRO, P-Line and ProFishCO. Every one of them had some characteristics we liked, and some features we desired to see…but didn’t. Sadly, two of those suppliers stopped production of their lures. So, ToroTamer came along and made their own, based on what we wanted to see.

At our shop in Huntington Beach we are fortunate to have a very talented private boater, Beta, who is one of the best white seabass fishermen I know. Several years ago he began using a jig (that I’ll claim credit to introducing him to) a simple bucktail jig. Beta fished ’em with a fresh dead squid and found it was perfection, almost a do-nothing bait that was his most productive secrete weapon for WSB. There were two problems, the hook could be improved, and even more of a problem, the supplier for the jig went out of business. ToroTamer’s design is not unique, far from it, it’s simply a refinement of an already very good lure – and it’s made with the right kind of skirting and right kind of hook. The lures all feature a fishskin with unique UV properties and glow. All lures are hand tied, and then reinforced so that they’ll hold up well. For those of you who know the productivity of bucktail jigs and are familiar with their use, you’ll find plenty of things to appreciate with these designs. To those new to fishing a bucktail, put some time in fishing them and you will discover a new go-to lure for sure.

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