Toro Tamer Fluorocarbon Wind On Leaders


  • 25ft Length
  • Color Coded Braid
  • Long Served & Glued Connection
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Toro Tamer introduces new wind-on leaders!  While we’ve encouraged folks to learn to make their own wind-ons, have made a few “how-to” videos demonstrating how easy it is to make your own, there are still times when a commercially made wind-on offers convenience and immediate availability.  During the 2022 season ALL firms offering wind-ons ran out of stock – they didn’t have much to start with.  There just weren’t any fluorocarbon wind-ons available.  Toro Tamer got the message and produced their own.

ToroTamer’s new leaders are 26 feet in length (1 meter of braid surrounding the leader with 7 meters of 100% Fluorocarbon leader.  These are available in 60/80/100/130 and 200 lb tests.  To make identification easy the serves are different colors depending upon the line test. The serves are also glued, and extend well into the fluorocarbon for a secure connection.  Pricing is very aggressive given this is a new introduction and we’re seeking feedback from anglers.  Like any wind-on leader, one big fish that’s stretched the line and it’s time to replace.  Toro’s wind-ons are very well priced and of good quality. We do think folks will like them a lot! We still encourage our clients to learn to make your own wind-ons, but when that isn’t an option, ToroTamer has you covered!

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