Toro Tamer Depth Counter Hollow Core Braid


  • Highest quality 16 strand polyethylene gel spun construction
  • By far the easiest braid on the market to splice with
  • Hollow core design allows for extra line capacity compared to equal solid braid
  • Easy inline rigging on lighter tests, with leader over twice the line test
  • Best braid to use when learning inline rigging
  • 10 Meter Color Increments
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Given the popularity of deep water jigging for night time bluefin tuna off the West Coast in recent years ToroTamer introduced their 16 strand SPLICEABLE hollow core super braid in metered depth finder form. Like Toro’s “solid” 8 strand depth finder lines, four colors are used with a color change every 10 meters (33 feet). This makes it easy to keep track of your depth, when the skipper says the tuna are at 300 feet you’ll know to drop nine colors.  Like all Toro 16 strand lines, this is a very easy product to work with, the line opens up beautifully.  There will be an initial color bleed as the unique coloring process used for the lines sets. That’s the same for the high visibility lines from Toro.  The initial bleed of color goes away once the line has gotten wet  and then the color is locked in. You’ll note the color stays with Toro’s line better than most, especially the wax based coloring many manufacturers have used over the years. Also, the coloring process does not degrade in the line’s ability to open up, again that was a downside to other metered hollowcore braids.  The new multi-color depth counter 16 strand if currently available in 60/80/100/130 lb tests in 300 meter (330 yard), 1000 meter (1100 yard) and 2500 yard spools.

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