Toro Tamer 25lb Drag Scale


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While we refer to ’em as Drag Scales, others simply know ’em as a scale. Like other spring scales of this type, we make use of a tell-tale so you know how high the weight was when there’s no more pressure on the scale – the marker stays at the maximum setting. What we do differently on both our 25 lb and 50 lb scale is to provide both weight measurements AND drag measurements for appropriate line tests. This is the key. I’d like to say it was all my idea, but its something we learned here through the efforts of another companies product. However, they went out of business and with that so too did a very useful feature. We brought that feature back – and it’s what sets this spring scale apart from others. It takes the guesswork out of the equation for a fellow trying to set their drag properly, and quickly. And, like our Fish-N-Grip product above, you can “zero” the scale accurately so it’s going to last even when the spring changes over time.

The scales are made from aluminum with stainless steel. You can use the product for weighing your catch or setting your drag. However, we made the scales with drag setting in mind. It’s a good quality product, but like anything that may be used in saltwater, a bit of preventative maintenance will ensure it’s long term performance.

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