Toro Tamer 20lb Brown 4 Strand Solid Braid 1000M


  • High quality polyethylene gel spun braided line
  • 4 Strand design makes it great for kelp cutting rigs
  • Extra abrasiveness helps with sawing through grass

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Toro Tamer brown line has been out for a while now and has been replaced by the more popular dark green color, the brown 20lb is great for fishing in dirty and murky water especially in freshwater. The 4st is fairly coarse which makes it a lot easier to cut through grass or kelp, it’s a conservative line so it breaks over the stated test and can last a long time on your reel without the need for replacement. We use this on our smaller 150-200 size baitcasters for inshore and bass fishing.

We’re selling the 1000 meter spools at half off which is a great deal for guys that go through their braid often. We respool our reels constantly since they only hold 100-150 yards and it doesn’t break the bank. Eventually abrasion, salt and cutoffs from vicious harbor docks make it a necessity to replace your line and at less than 4 cents per yard it’s an easy decision to make.

4 Strand Lines
20lb 4 Strand PE Braid 0.234mm brown

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