Toro Tamer 16 Strand Wind-On Spools

Toro Tamer

  • Convenient 25 meter spool size for wind-on loops
  • Easy to color code all of your wind-on leaders
  • High quality coloring used to increase lifespan
  • Easiest braid on the market to splice with
  • Lighter braid easily fits leaders that are much higher in test


At ICAST 2014 we introduced colored versions of our 60/80/100/130# test lines in 25 meter lengths, so you have a choice of white, blue, red, yellow and green. The colored hollow core makes life easy in terms of distinguishing your wind-ons, color coding different leader tests.  Similarly, the 4 strand serving braid is offered in 100 meter spools, four colors on the spool, changing color every 10 meters. I use the colored serving line to distinguish tests, red for 40, green for 50, yellow for 60, white for 80, blue for 100 lb… Same program for my nail knots. The different colors help me stay on top of things, easy to tell match up tests when replacing a leader. One note, coloring braid is not an easy process. Our coloring process is quite good in terms of the coloring not fading, which is common. The natural color for braid is white. When working with the colored line expect some of that color to transfer to your fingers initially, especially with the red line. Compared to other colored lines on the market I think you’ll find ours holds up better over time with less fading, but initially you will get a bit of color transfer.

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20100% PE 16 Strand0.24mm0.24mmwhite
30100% PE 16 Strand0.26mm0.26mmwhite
40100% PE 16 Strand0.29mm0.28mmwhite
50100% PE 16 Strand0.33mm0.33mmwhite
60100% PE 16 Strand0.4mm0.4mmwhite
80100% PE 16 Strand0.45mm0.43mmwhite
100100% PE 16 Strand0.48mm0.47mmwhite
130100% PE 16 Strand0.64mm0.5mmwhite
200100% PE 16 Strand0.86mm0.74mmwhite