Toro Tamer 120mm Surface Poppers


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  • Available in 5 Colors
  • High quality VMC Treble hooks
  • Dynamic weight system for the best casting

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Similar to the CB Poppers we’ve offered for a few years, these new surface lures improve upon the original design. The head is round rather than triangular, the results are greater splash – especially if you are fishing from a larger boat which is higher to the water line, such as a long range boat out of San Diego. The improved “pop” or splash allows the lure to be worked more effectively. The smaller 120mm size is about 4.8″ long and works best for casting with lighter line and spinning reels. It’s the perfect size for school sized fish or assorted warm water species. We’ve got 5 popular colors to match different kinds of bait and water conditions. For the warmer waters the bright colors make the most sense, and for colder water the bait colors will work well although the action of the lure is the most important thing over the color. If you can get these in front of the fish and work it well, they’ll definitely bite.

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