Tormenter Wahoo Bombs


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The new Tormenter Wahoo Bombs are the nicest such lures on the market. While they can be effectively fished by a private boater on the troll, or on the slide off any boat, they are made for long distance casting to voracious wahoo.  The new lures weigh in at 6 ounces, with a bright highly polished head and big red eyes recessed into their bullet shaped head. The lures have a spinner blade attached to the hook via a swivel for added flash on a fast retrieve. Their 7/0 single hooks are VERY sharp and made to penetrate the beak on a ‘hoo.  They are rigged on 135# multi-strand cable, as they should be. They’re double crimped where it counts, at the attaching point’s swivel and at the hook. But, better than any other lure, they are better rigged with chafing tube where it’s needed, glow beads and multi-crimp thru the area a wahoo will be putting their teeth into action. Hooks are stainless steel, not DT. So, they will hold up thru multiple fish without need to re-rig! Look ’em over closely and you can see why these are the best bombs on the market today. In the small picture above you can compare the new Tormenter to the Catchy Bomb. The Catchy has become the standard for this type of lure, nice lures indeed. The new Tormenter improves upon the rigging, adds a bit of weight for a faster drop and longer cast, and of course those nice big flashy eyes.

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