Tormenter Looney Birds


  • Rigged with heavy thru-wire & 200lb ball bearing swivel
  • Available in 5″ & 7″ sizes and 5 colors
  • Great way to add action to a trolling lure or daisy chain
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Private boaters need every advantage they can get, and when you are trolling for tuna or other gamefish, use of a “bird” in front of your lure is a great way to gain some added attraction. Additionally, when trolling multiple lines, sometimes with a couple way back, use of birds aids greatly in keeping an eye on your lure’s placement. Birds do work, and they are well worth running in front of your trolling feathers and jigs. Tormenter has long made some nice products for this use, and their newest models are by far the best they’ve made. There are two sizes available, a 5 and 7 inch bird. The 5 incher has a hole running through the lure’s body, thru which you’ll simply insert your trolling line, and then run a snap swivel at the rear. Some guys will make use of a bead prior to the snap swivel. Then it’s simple enough to switch out colors as needed. The Seven inch lure is rigged a bit differently, with a stainless steel rod going through the lure’s body – a ring on the front for attaching your main line and a quality ball bearing snap swivel on the rear. These are some very nice products, and well worth dragging behind your boat and in front of your tuna feathers or cedar plug. These attractor birds  will improve your catch under most conditions. I’m a believer, you will be too when you make use of these well proven designs.

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