Smooth Drag 8 in 1 Reel Handle Wrench


Doing some maintenance, simply need to spin on your bolts for the reel clamp or swap out a handle. Here are a couple hard to find must-haves you should keep in your bag or on your bench. The two tools pictured are some of the most useful things you can have available. Add a shorty screwdriver and you’re pretty much done when it comes to working on Penns, Avets, Newells… Super versatile. The four way wrench covers the most used nuts/bolts used in fishing reel manufacture. The 8 in one Reel Handle Wrench will make life easier on you when time comes to open up a reel and take off the handle. These two products are offered together at a dandy deal, or individually. Both tools pretty well cover your needs for taking down Penn, Daiwa, Newell, Abu and some nameless bike makers reels.