Tady TLC Heavy Jigs


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  • Usable for surface or deep vertical jigging
  • Wide sweeping swim pattern
  • Sinkable to all depths
  • Small and versatile
  • Relatively heavy weight for casting
  • Excellent for yellowtail, barracuda, tuna, saltwater bass and inshore bottom species


Tady’s TLC is a delightful chunk of stubby iron to fish.  It really is a trick product.  For the guys in the know, it’s also a wonderful white seabass lure.  Pin on a squid (live or dead), then cast it up on the beach.  Swim the lure back, slowly on the bottom, almost like you would if fishing a plastic worm for big freshwater bass. It works well.  This is also a great casting lure, with it’s short wind cheating size and relatively heavy weight.  You can fish it vertically, yoyo style, or as described cast and retrieve.

Tady TLC: 3 ounces, 3.5″ length


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