Sunline Saltimate Tunageat Fluorocarbon


  • Higher Knot Strength
  • Higher Abrasion Resistance
  • Thin Diameter
  • 30-50m Spools
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Sunline has finally released their higher end alternative to the original and new System Shock Leader. The Tunageat line, funny name aside, is a significant step forward in flurocarbon technology, Sunline has figured out a new surface treatment technology that makes the outside of the fluoro more abrasion resistant while still being more elastic. The elastic surface layer provides more grip when tying knots which dramatically improves knot strength and the amount of abuse a knot can take before breaking. The extra knot strength is a pretty big deal since fluorocarbon has always been inferior to mono when knots are concerned due to its lower surface stretch which doesn’t allow the material to grab onto itself or braid as tightly. Sunline has fixed this with a technology they created called Plasma Rise, which is a cold atmospheric pressure plasma that is used to treat materials. Fluorocarbon is a notoriously hard material to apply coatings to, so treating the surface in this way allows for a permanent bond that gives the line better abrasion resistance and knot strength.

Sunline is a materials research and production company so Plasma Rise tech has numerous other uses outlined on their site here. For our fishing applications this a big step forward, allowing you to worry less about abrasion and ensuring you have better knot strength to push the drag limit of your setup further without worrying about snapping the line or knot. This is especially exciting for fishing lighter line tests with heavier drag ratings pushing all the way to 50%+ of the breaking strength in drag, for jigging and lure casting experts this is a major advantage.

■Length: 50m ●Color: CLEAR

Standard Dia.(mm) 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.435 0.470 0.520 0.570 0.620
Strength(lb) 14 16 20 25 30 35 40 50
Line Size(#) 3.5 4 5 7 8 10 12 14


■Length: 30m ●Color: CLEAR

Standard Dia.(mm) 0.700 0.740 0.780 0.840 0.910
Strength(lb) 60 70 80 90 100
Line Size(#) 18 20 22 26 30

●Knot Endurance Improvement

Due to cushioning effect of the special polymeric layer, the line itself is tightly knotted and digging into the knot, which brings higher knot breaking energy.

●Connection with PE line

The cushioning property is also beneficial to connection with PE line. Knot by PE line and leader line with normal coating slips its surface. However, the elastic polymer layer works to prevent the surface of the leader from such slip. Improvement in knot`s conditions helps your knot strength significantly.

●Endurance Improvement

In order to absorb the massive tensile power by fish, not only straight strength but also ‘‘Endurance’’ (strength index that represents total energy amount until linebreak) is required. In order to maximize the ‘’Endurance’’, appropriate balance between elongation and strength is important. Endurance can be quantitatively shown by the physical property data of breaking energy. The skills to control the breaking energy, which was developed through the manufacturing of tuna fishing line, contributes to the improvement of endurance.

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