Sunline FC100 Fluorocarbon Line


  • 100% fluorocarbon leader 30m & 100m spool sizes
  • Ultra thin line diameters for lower visibility in water
  • Hard & supple for ease of use
  • TRP (Triple Resin Processing) for outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Thin diameter ensures great knot tying for strong knots to nylon line
  • Enhanced surface hardness for increased knot strength with braided line
  • Available in 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 80 & 100 lb tests
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Sunline is an interesting addition to our product mix. Background, Sunline has produced lines for several well known brands offered here in America as well as Europe and Oceana for many years. As a company, they are actually very large, the largest line only manufacturer in the world! Pretty funny that no one knows ’em except those in the business, but we’ve all probably fished their line. Their lines are made in Japan, to very high standards. They produce mono, Fluorocarbon (14 different types!), braided lines – nothing but line and pretty much anything considered fishing line. Their FL lines have gained some significant success, and they are reaching out to the saltwater community next. Under their own brand name they’ve been moving forward quite well in the bass community, with many top performing angers using their FL lines and other products as well, Aaron Marten won at Havasu fishing their line, 1st, 2nd and 4th place angers on the B.A.S.S. tournament trail are fishing their FL lines, etc. Some of the top names in pro bass fishing use their lines exclusively, and that says something. I met these folks at ICAST in 2015 and was given a sample of the line for evaluation. Specifically their System Leader – Tournament Shock Leader. Very thin diameters, good stretch characteristics, high abrasion resistance are the characteristics that stand out. It’s not a limp line (which would reduce abrasion resistance) but still has a predictable stretch factor. The line is made with 100% FL resins, it’s a true Japanese quality product, strong in the Japanese market and making an entry to the USA. The line is excellent, and if you do the math you’ll note that you are getting four times the amount of line for double the price of, well, Seaguar. Four times the line for double the price, excellent quality, why buy Seaguar???

Length : 100m ●Color:Natural Clear
Line Test – lbs 20# 30 35# 40# 45# 50 55# 60 80 100#
Standard Diameter (mm) 0.405 .0.470 0.52 0.57 0.62 0.66 0.70 0.74 0.84 0.91
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