Smelly Jelly Sticky Liquid Scent


  • High quality potent scent
  • Spreads faster than jelly but doesn’t last as long
  • Perfect for any kind of swimbaits
  • Available in 5 different scents in 4 oz bottles
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Is it the scent or the action?  For my money it’s the action that draws attention, and the scent that keeps the lure in the fish’s mouth long enough for a hookset.  So, it makes sense to use scents when the fish need a little extra coaxing or you need a bit more confidence in a sketchy bite.  For soft plastics, I’d consider scents especially desirable.

Folks fishing plastics make good use of scents, noticing that the bass hold onto the lure longer, percentages favor the guys who use the smelly stuff.  I really like using the squid flavored 1 oz. squid from Smelly Jelly.  The stuff has the right smell, and it stays on a bait well.  It’s a perfect finishing touch on a squid imitation lure.  A lot of guys are also making use of the baitfish scents in their halibut fishing.  Soak a sponge, insert it up into a hollow-body squid along with your hook and/or weight and drop her down and out.  Lots of ways to use these products beyond simply spreading on your plastics, but that’s a good enough reason to grab a few of our offerings.

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